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All Mountain WIDE board recommendations

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Looking for a new all mountain board. 

Mostly ride the East, but have taken trips to Jackson, Whistler, Japan, etc.   I'm 6'4" 235 with a size 13 boot.  Need a board that will fit my bindings and generally handle all types of snow conditions and terrain.  No pipe, little bit in the park.

Currently have a Ride all mountain 168 with Burton P1 Custom bindings.  Good board, but it has past it's prime.   Any suggestions would be great.  thanks.
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I ride a Burton Custom wide. I'm also 230, but (cough) a tad shorter. I ride Whitetail, PA every weekend, but rode the board in fresh pow at Taos last year. It's a little on the stiff side, but bendable for person of our mass. With size 13 feet, you might also want to consider lifters under your bindings.
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I ride a Donek Wide 156. 5'10" and 190 lbs. here. (I was 170 when I bought the board a few years back and a less experienced rider. If I were buying a new board for myself right now I would very likely go longer.)

Donek has stock models they make to order. They also do custom work. The Wide is part of the freeride series of boards (Incline, Wide, and Sasquatch), which vary in width. The Wide has a 26 cm waist. The Sasquatch, 28 cm. Just so you know, these are pretty stiff boards.

When they updated their website this year, they made it hard to find things or link to anything deep.


From the main page choose Products, then Soft Boots, then All Mountain, then Incline, then Specs to see some of the details.

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