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Day trip to Utah

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My buddy is a pilot, so a few of us are going to fly out to Utah for a day.
I have never skied there, so I have no idea where we should go -- so where should we go?
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What kind of skier are you?
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anywhere other than canyons, park city, and snowbird.
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To the top of the hill on the Tram.
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Any of the Park City resorts will do (The Canyons, PCMR, or Deer Valley).  Why?  The skiing is good and you have something to do when you are done.  For example, you can check out Park City, visit the Olympic Museum, take a bobsled ride, etc.  Alta and Snowbird are also awesome and they usually get more powder when it is dumping but...there is less to do when you are finished skiing.
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What kind of skier am I? Are you asking about a skill level or a style? I have some of the former, not so much of the latter. I just like to ski where people aren't.

I think these guys really meant 'day trip' so I don't imagine that the extracurricular activities are all that important. We're in, we're out.

I have no idea what's out there. I've been a Tahoe skier for 35 years, not so much anywhere else.
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All the resorts have  good snow right now.  Deer Valley is good because you can get a ton of skiing in a short period of time (every time you turn around you will find a high speed lift).  Crowds should be a non-issue at any of the resorts if you can go on a weekday. Solitide is a real sleeper where you will find great snow, great terrain and no people.  If no one in your group knows the mountain take the complimentary mountain tour.  Those guys will get you to the goods faster than you will find them on your own.  Lastly, If you can fly to Ogden, go to Powder Mountain, ski the backside down to the bus and take the $15 snowcat ride.  I did my first day there and I had a blast and skied  'til I dropped.
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Unless it's on a weekend, just about any of the mountain will be un-crowded (by Tahoe standard). So it's really more about what you want to do than what you want to avoid.

Essey had be written, many times over, by other posters here. Just pick any Utah thread and you'll find plenty of opinions.
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What's your buddy flying?   That's a long haul for a day trip unless he's got some heavy metal.  I would just stop in TRK or maybe MMH and save the fuel. 
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If you fly into the Heber Airfield you can be at Deer Valley in about 15 minutes.  All of the the real big cheeses fly into Heber for Sundance and it's a short roll to Park City.
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Then Deer Valleys they way to roll!   You better buy lunch!
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