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 Hello All,

I am struggling between Salomon Lord and K2 Xplorer skis. I've been searching forums and reviews for weeks. I read a lot good with a little not so good on each ski. This site has a lot of good conversation so I decided to join and ask here. Unfortunately I just found the site and I'm buying tomorrow.

I'm leaning toward the Lords. I am buying Salomon impact 10 boots either way, but don't really know what to do about bindings if I go with the Lords. I have always had Marker in the past. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Height:  5' 7"
Weight: 160 lbs


All over the mountain. I have a passion for the trees and night skiing both. So maneuverability and ability to hold onto the crispier night piste are higher priorities. Bumps are fun, but I only do a run or two of them in a day. Powder powder powder. I love it. I avoid the parks.


I've been skiing since 1980. As much as I love the slopes I can only get up there a few times a year. I haven't skied in 4 years as my skis were seriously damaged on the last trip. I am fully equipping myself again with boots, skis and bindings. I'm basically done giving my time away and going to begin spending some on myself so I expect to be using the equipment more than in the past. I ski as advanced as my legs will hold out which generally has me on a few black runs early and hanging out on advanced blue and trees the rest of the day.

Again, any thoughts on this at all are appreciated.