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Does your local hill misreport snowfall?

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One of my colleagues sent me this link to an interesting academic paper:  http://www.dartmouth.edu/~ericz/snowed.pdf  -- it finds a statistically significant effect of resorts over-reporting (relative to other data) snowfall on weekends.  So how bout it, do you think your resort is guilty of hyping the effects a bit?

I really like the new snow stake cam at Copper.  Not only can you independently verify their snowfall, but it gives you some information about how much has fallen since the last reading.  Cool!  Now if we'd only get some snow...

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I wonder if a study of a representative sample of peoples' resumes would also show statistically significant "embellishment"?
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In tahoe, with so many areas, once one starts to inflate figures they all have to jump in or look like they have less snow. With president's day weekend coming, the hype and exageration is full on, sure noticed that. even the local sports network has fun with it, raised eyebrows and shake of the head on their resort report which has segments from each area. the bad ones are consistently unreliable.
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i would argue that squaw consistently UNDER reports snowfall.  just my opinion...
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My hill doesn't get any snow.

So yes.
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No, they are always very accurate.  1" in parking lot + 2" midway + 3" on top = 6" of new snow
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No, now that does not mean the reports on the radio are always accurate.

We also have a snow stake with a camera pointed at it 24/7 for anyone to see. One stake is cleared every 24 hours at 9am and the other shows the total snowfall for the year.

The other one that gets me is the people that do not understand what "in the past 24 hours" means. Everyone thinks it only snows at night. I can't tell you how many time we have had 2-6 inches fall in the afternoon while we were still open. Then the next day everyone is bitching saying we lied about the 2-6 inches of snow since everything was already tracked out.
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They're pretty accurate around here.  I have noticed times when I don't agree with the posted total, but usually it's because they post it at about 5 AM and when it's snowing there is more snow by the time they open at 9.
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Sometimes it's ok to fudge alittle.
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Sometimes they over report. Sometimes snow falls and isn't recorded. Probably balances out. 

The hard part of all this is that snow just doesn't fall evenly over the mountain, and the larger the mountain the more variables. 

I just wish resorts would start publishing boot penetration numbers. - it would be pretty easy to have a patroller take a quick step out of his skies and radio in how far he sinks. 
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 They are pretty accurate about actual reports.

They tend to exaggerate season averages.
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We reported a 72 inch base at the Mount Airy Snowboard Park today, but we were lying through our teeth,

Last year my home resort reported a total natural snowfall of 11 inches for the entire season. That was not exaggerated.
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