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Anticipated Colorado (Summit County) Conditions in April

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This question is directed to those with lots of experience with Colorado (preferably Summit County) snow conditions during the course of the ski season.

I know that this year has been a little slow in terms of cumulative snowfall and the current reported depths are lower than normal (Vail reported base: 34"; Breck reported base: 55").  We are contemplating flying to Colorado for our annual spring break ski trip (April 3-10) and need to make arrangements ASAP and needless to say once we've made them we're kind of stuck (with nonrefundible tickets, nonrefundible condo or condo with a nonrefundible deposit, etc.).

Conditions at Mammoth (our usual spring break destination) are great with a current reported base of 8-12' that (absent an insane and extended heat wave) will leave lots of snow for us should we choose to go there in April, but the family is pushing for Colorado (and we are only considering Summit County because of various logistical issues).  Based on where things are right now and the reasonably expected snowfall during February-March, is there reason to hope that we will have reasonably decent conditions in Colorado in early April, or should we just drop the idea and book a trip to Mammoth?  Thanks.
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 I've skied Summit and Eagle County 6 late March or early Aprils in a row and have never been disappointed in conditions.
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First time I came to Breck, it was the last 10 days of operation in the middle of April and the conditions were like a midwinter storm--freshies most every day, some blue sky days, etc.  Sold us on wintering here.
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Been here ten years and in the spring there are three possible conditions. Sunny and warm, spring corn yea!  Storming and powder with no crowds.  Overcast and cold, ice, stay home. Fortunately the last one is usually the least common. I love spring.
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Big Skibowski - We have done spring break the past three years in Colorado, twice in Summit County/Vail and once at Aspen/Snowmass.  I am actually now looking at booking a trip to Mammoth for spring break (I actually have a post on the Mountains, Resorts area of Epic asking about Mammoth for spring break) due to the less than stellar conditions at most of the Colorado resorts.  Our previous trips to Colorado have all been great, good conditions, got a little slushy at the bottom at the end of the day, but nothing big.  This year I would be a little concerned, granted things can change in one or two storms out there, but the next ten days don't look promising (check out coloradopowderforecast.com).  They need El Nino to break down and start having the storms tracking more northerly.  On some other boards people are talking about that occurring later in the month, but that's a long ways off and no one knows for sure.
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 March tends to be a big snow month out there so I expect things to vastly improve prior to my late March arrival.
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without question go to Mammoth.  Seriously.  Don't believe for a second that Breck has a 55" base.  South facing aspects below 10k feet are bare basically.  True it MAY snow in March and April but this is a strong Nino year and who knows about temps.  I'd go to Mammoth in a heartbeat of Breck...better terrain anyway.
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I think Colorado will play catch up with the snow they missed in the first half of the season in March and April. Maybe wishful thinking but a number of forecasters think this is likely. Hard to throw out a sure thing with the base Mammoth has . For me late season in Colorado has yet to disappoint.

I plan on being there in early April.
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