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Verbal Cueing & Message Board Posting

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Had an interesting experience last night. One of my classes got accidentally overbooked. Its one of those strange, out of the box sort of classes that uses a ball, bands, etc. Small studio, mostly new people, very little room.

Due to overbooking, There was no ball, band or mat for ME! I had to rely on mostly verbal skills, as well as tactile correction {not always what people like} to teach.
Somehow it all turned out ok.

I feel that posting on message forums {more specifically fitness forums}, has improved my verbal cueing skills.

Many of the pros on this forum have a way of describing a ski skill so distinctly, that I can feel it happening.

Do you feel that message forum posting improves that skill?

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...in the same way that intelligent communication improves intelligent communication.

I mean, yes. How you post reflects on who you are, and who you are reflects on how you post.

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Interesting question, especially on this kind of forum, which seems to attract a multi national group. Given that its hard enough to communicate on a message forum without any visual cues, showing clear communication skills to a mixed group is an interesting trick!
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I would say yes. Posting on Epic and other forums has helped me to better understand my skiing, skiing in general, what why and how I teach, and has greatly improved what comes out of my mouth over the years.

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Taking the time to clarify your own thoughts in your own mind so that you can describe what you wish to explicitly can be as helpful to YOU as to the others reading the results.

As you note, LM, the more time you spend formulating expressions of ideas, the more easily you actually make those expressions extemporaneously.
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Another interesting phenomena is that simply reading other people's verbal descriptions of a given skill, has made me a better communicator.

Many people absolutely swear that they are only visual learners, but this past experience raises some questions about that.
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Hey LM. (Yeah, I'm still around) My philosophy on instructing is that we must be able to share information in as many realms of communication as we can find. Each student brings new challenges, and every once in awhile I'm required to TALK someone through something. I hate it when it happens, but most times I can pull it off. I'm more of a Do-er, so I tend to teach that way until I'm required to change.

I find great value in this forum. Not so much for the volumes of information, (don't get me wrong, that's fantastic too!!) but for the opportunity to try and get points through with NO VISUAL INPUT WHATSOEVER. It's challenging, but like any other part of my body, my brain needs exercise to become stronger. I've tested theories, stolen ideas, been proven wrong, and Learned more than a lot. Do I feel that participating in this forum with all of you improves my communication "muscle"? ABSOLUTELY. The quality of the skiers and boarders here allows for some great stuff, and I'm here to tell ya... I benefit immensely.

Later Skater,
Spag :
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Spag, you've been truly missed, and as one of this forum's most superlative verbal communicators I believe this is a gift you've always had, and has simply been embellished by your participation in Epicski.

There is a training exercise we use for new step instructors. I wonder if a version of it would work for ski instructors, if one does not already exist.

One person plays teacher, the other plays student. First, you demonstrate a movement sequence using only visual cues, pointing out specific directional changes, etc.

Then, you are allowed to use only verbal cues.

I once had a hilarious experience involving visual cues in a ski class. It was the first day of a 3 day clinic, and the first run of the day. The slopes were ridiculously crowded, so it was hard to keep track of your classmates. The instructor was this very petite female, with a very soft voice.

I could not hear what she was saying, but it looked like she was telling us to go across the mountain on one ski.

Ok. Hate that, but I've done it. Now usually, you would only do that for a few trail segments, so I was surprised at how far down the instructor was. I was also annoyed that I was so much slower than everyone else.

Then I realized I was the only one doing the "one ski" thing!


Turns, out, she had said that you should feel 'as if ' you could balance on one ski.
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