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How's the snow in Montana right now?

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Montana is one of the options I'm considering for a western trip for the 1st week of March.  I see on Big Sky's website that all of the marked trails are open.  Their base doesn't seem substancial.  Any info on Big Sky, Moonlight Basin. and Whitefish conditions are appreciated.

We are looking hard at Tahoe because they have been hammered recently but I'm oddly curious about Montana.
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Spent last week at Moonlight Basin and Big Sky.   Runs are open, had three powder days and their new snowfal amounts are measured at the base...usually substantially deeper up mountain.

The base is a little thin on some high traffic traverses that feed down to other chairs or other runs and we did find rocks here and there and some small evergreens are still poking out from the base.  All in all though, the conditions were good and they are keeping everything well groomed.

Don't think twice, head out there.  The skiing is great and the lines are non existant.
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Whitefish...well, our base is just fine.  But really the snow we've had in January was close to non-existent.  However, the snow in February is of the sort to really firm up the quality of the base shall we say.  We've been getting snow the last few days sort of steadily, not doing a heck of a lot, but more on the way, again not a lot.  I'd say it all depends on the sun.  I think it depends on whether you want groomed runs or fresh powder.  I suppose anything could happen.  We've been known to have plenty of snow in March many times.  But, given it's an El Nino year, I'd go with the percentages and visit Tony Crocker's site.  You want to hit Whitefish during a La Nina year.  THEN you'll be happy.

Of course, our lines are non-existent, the "value" is excellent, the views when you can see are outstanding, etc.  (Even I am complaining about the fog at the moment, however.  Yesterday I was quite thrilled to be able to get down the hill without rime, settling for being able to see about 100 yards.  Today, of course, I'm home and the sun is out.)
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We're having a good year in SW Montana for it being an El Nino year.  The bases at the local ski areas are running a few feet behind a normal year but pretty good for an El Nino year.  Typically, SW Montana suffers through mid-February during El Nino seasons then it starts dumping for the remainder of the season.  Hopefully we'll experience the same this year.
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Update:  We just got about 5 inches of nice snow.  Still can't see where you're going, of course. 

East Rim Face
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