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Any lodging recommendations outside of Snowshoe?

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I'm looking to head to Snowshoe Mtn (WV) this weekend and I'm looking for lodging off the mountain (too expensive to stay up top). There seems to only be a ton of mom and pops in the area, some have horrific reviews. I've always stayed on the mountain or returned same day. Any recommendations of where to stay or just as important warnings of places not to stay at?

I'd like to stay within 20-30 miles of the resort.

Thanks for any advice.
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 There is a decent motel in Bartow WV, called the Hermitage.  It's about 40 minutes from Snowshoe.  I have stayed there a couple times when chasing powder days, and it's clean and well cared for.  I remember paying about $60 a night, which seemed like a good deal.  Last time I stayed, there was only one restaurant in town, so be sure to have backup plans for food just in case.  The hotel has its own restaurant, but I think it's only open in summer.


I bet Snowshoe will be a zoo, with the long holiday weekend and all the city slickers re-awakened to skiing by the sight of snow in their backyard.  Good luck!  Don't forget Silver Creek -- it's a good place to escape the crowds.
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Thanks for the tip. We ended up staying at Boyer Station down the road from Hermitage (maybe 5 miles closer). It was an interesting experience. We were the only ones, my 4yr old and me, staying in the entire complex (including staff). The rooms were ok and clean enough, especially for a whopping $45 a night. I'm not sure if I'm a big sissy or not, but I felt a tad un-nerved staying in a remote mountain motel (in WV) with no other guests (or employees). Needless to say, I made it out alive and avoided any sort of Deliverance moment.

The skiing was amazing though. I hadn't been to Snowshoe in over 5 years. Not only had the facilities been vastly updated, but the snow was beyond perfect, especially for east coast.

We made it to Silver Creek, but just for the tubing. Love that place too.

Thanks again.
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 Shoot, I thought Boyer Station was closed in winter -- never a sign of life when I have driven by during ski season (which sort of lines up with your experience).  Glad you had a good trip.  I am thinking I will hit Snowshoe a lot in March -- it's usually their snowiest month, and the rates drop a bit.
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O it was open, sort of like how the Bates Motel is always open;)

I've been watching the weather, looks like Snowshoe has been getting non-stop snow for the last couple of weeks and the 10 day looks to have more of the same. I'm hoping to get one more trip in. We tried Wintergreen the other weekend and it was just so terrible compared to Snowshoe. Easily makes Snowshoe worth the extra drive.

Good news is I think they are in post-season which makes staying on the mtn top a bit more affordable.
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 I avoid Wintergreen on weekends, because it's a total zoo and not worth it.  But on weekdays, it's often like a private ski club.  I try to get up there about once a week, mid-week (have a midweek season pass).

I am hoping to hit Snowshoe a couple times in March.  It's usually their snowiest month, and I have scored some great powder days in March there before.  On year I even hit a powder dump in early April, which was a treat.  Late season discounts should help a lot.
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