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Operation Repo

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We've started watching this show from time to time.  The scenarios usually entail a spouse/lover was "handling" the bills with money provided by the other but was really spending that money on other things or other people.  Poor victim finds out of embezzlement when the repo folks arrive.  However, this episode segment was... shall I say, out of this world!This is, by far, the funniest one I've ever seen.

Is that pepper spray set on kill or stun?

Too bad the Vulcan neck pinch doesn't work on big Matt!
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Yea i hate to tell you but this whole show is bs. I had a law grad student roomate who informed me that its all fake and they have to go to court if the owner resists. Totally bummed me out because i thought it was a pretty good interesting show.

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Really? All you have to do is Google "repo deaths" and you can read about the 6 repo men killed in TX in the last 4 years and the man killed in Alabama

Your law student friend needs to remember that laws vary from state to state and the only restriction I saw listed with my perusal of state laws was that the repo has to be "peacable"

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exactly, as in no fighting, matt not beating the crap outta anyone and if the owner wont relinquish the car they go to court, yea repo's are real, this show isnt, besides isnt it pretty obvious that some of it is staged?

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Got it, its reinactments of real events, not real repo's, and theres a movie coming out under the same name.

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Aimed heavily at a Hispanic audience. 

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