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Ski Advice for a Happy Wife???

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I am hoping to find some suggestions for an appropriate pair of skis for my wife, or at least to help narrow the search.  She's a bigger, athletic type (former Volleyball player) who has been skiing for over 10 years but only about 10 days per year, and she's had a few shoulder surgeries and amazingly prefers to ski without poles!  So, I would not call her an aggressive skier by any stretch, as she favors NOT falling on her previously injured right shoulder, but she keeps up nicely with our crew of decent/good skiers....on the groomers, where she stays.  

A few years ago she picked up a pair of Nordica Olympia Drive - 152 (kinda short, she's about 5"9", and was on 170 Rossi Cuts for years before that).  I've seen some pretty harsh reviews on here, for the Nordica, it seemed like a decent option - good sidecut for mostly east coast groomers, not too burly.  They are OK on hard snow, but she claims to find them quite squirely in soft stuff or powder.  She got new boots recently, and now notices it more with a better boot fit.  

So, one option we're looking into would be to keep the Nordicas for the hard snow days and to get another pair for soft snow/powder days.  I would think something pretty wide underfoot and kinda burly would be just what she needs, perhaps even for an all around ski.  Would a wide waist ski (>~85 mm, east coast mind you) fit the bill?  Or, the other option is to upgrade to more of an all-around ski.  Our friend has the K2 One Loves, and she has been very happy with them.  Both options are "on the table", so to speak.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.   
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From what I have seen few husbands/boyfriends have ever managed to get a ski for their significant other that they like once they have moved past that initial beginner phase.  The typical scenario is that the man buys a pair of skis they think are perfect for the situation or other female skiers have told him she will love - often the skis do not really grab her and can be a dud.

The really frustrating part is that the lady often does not show a lot of desire to demo various products to pick something either - probably because it is on the man's agenda rather than hers.

My best suggestion is that you do the legwork and find available demos or performance rentals to let her try the skis and determine which ones grab her attention.  Probably the simplest way to do this is to find out when demo days will be taking place and ski on that day.

Most people are happier on skis they have decided they like than those others have decided they will like.  Skis are a very personal metter of preference.  I would be very worried that you would perhaps buy a wide ski when she is comfortable on a narrow carver or a narrow carver when she wants a wide ski.

In my case I just tried to get my wife to try various demos and made sure they were available.  Even that was not easy as not every day does someone want to demo skis.  In the end she wanted new equipment, tried a lot, found one she preferred and then I made them magically appear. 

I was lucky this time.  Does not always work

As a person who demos a lot of skis to other skiers I can definitively state that two similar skiers do not always like the same ski.  She has to try them before she buys them

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Thanks Mike.  Interesting perspective, and likely not too far off for the most part.  I understand completely - It'll be her decision.  And she will demo.  But I might have to restrain her a bit from deciding based on color ;-) 
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 I have not read Mikes post but  I will say this, if she is athletic as you say she is, and she likes skiing, then this is what I'd do if I were you...
First make sure she is in good, well fitted boots.  If she does not have good, well fitted boots then get her to a boot fitter and treat her to "her boots"
Then go to a ski resort that has demos and pay for a day of demo's for her.
Let her try  to her hearts content and find out what suits her best and gives her the biggest grin.

From where I sit, the Nordica Drive is a good ski but she is probably on a ski too short for her size.
If she likes the nordica line then she should try the Conquer
Other skis to give a try in that line that will take her from the front side groomer to varied terrain include the K2 Lotta luv, Blizzard Viva 7.6, and Kastle MX78.

Having a chance to demo will help her feel the differences between skis and get a sense of what she really likes.
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Thanks Trekchick,
Just got her new boots.  Huge difference of course. 
She is (was?) athletic, but she is not an athletic (~agressive) skier.  We're mid-30s now.  I feel like I have many more years on snow; she's not so sure due to damaged knees from years of Volleyball. 
The Blizzard Viva is highly regarded, might have too much energy for her.  
Anyone else want to add 2 cents?
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