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Originally Posted by moreoutdoor View Post
between Stacy Cook and Lindsey, we're gonna be pretty thin on the speed events. It awful to see any of the competitors not have their shot because of injury. Sure hope they come up with something to help mitigate the pain for Lindsey. DH and SG are just a world in themselves when it comes to forces the skiers experience.
Universalsports.com seems to have video of stacey's crash, but I'm getting "This video is not loading properly..." when trying to access it. might get fixed later...

Very unfortunate about the crash. I actually happened to be watching the live feed. It's really interesting - no commentary but sounds. All sorts of cuts to racers waiting, coaches, helicopter view etc.

There had been a course hold after the first racer, an Italian, for a while due to fog I think.  Cook was the next to go with bib 2. The top looked a bit foggy on tv, but not bad. At the first split around 25 secs she is 0.7 secs ahead. She crashed near forty seconds. Visibility was not a factor at least from tv. - it was much better than the top. She came off a jump, got too far inside and back and lost the outside ski on a turn to the right. The A netting did it's job and stopped her from the woods. Her left ski came off, right one was on.
She eventually got up and was standing on the right ski. Medic got there and had her sit down. They got her in a sled and used the helicopter - which seemed to take forever, maybe 15 minutes.

You can view the crash here:

It sometimes takes awhile of reloading to get it to work.

There's a video interview on the chairlift with Lindsey and she talks about her leg.

The freaking sound cuts off after about 20 seconds though.

Originally Posted by Chaos View Post
Gimme a break.  This chick must be going for an Oscar or something with this little charade.  You don't skip the Olympics as the favorite for the gold medal because of a bruise, even if you are a primadonna like her.  She'll race, that's a 100% guarantee. 

Main Entry: pri·ma don·na
Pronunciation: \ˌpri-mə-ˈdä-nə, ˌprē-\
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural prima donnas
Etymology: Italian, literally, first lady
Date: 1782

1 : a principal female singer in an opera or concert organization
2 : a vain or undisciplined person who finds it difficult to work under direction or as part of a team

1: Well winning the overall World Cup qualifies you as "first".
    If we change "singer" to "skier" the definition would be even better.
    Lindsey then would be prima sciatrice.
Aksel Lund Svindal would be primo sciatore.
    Note that Svindal was 2 points ahead of B. Raich and Vonn was 384 points ahead of M. Riesch
2: Let's ask Ted:
"Vonn spent most of June and part of July in Austria at a facility financed by Red Bull, one of her major sponsors. Her regimen was, according to Ted Ligety , the American defending Olympic gold medalist in the combined event, "totally insane".
NY Times Magazine 2/7/10 pg. 31

This gives us:

 You don't skip the Olympics as the favorite for the gold medal because of a bruise when you are the prima donna.  She'll race, that's a 100% guarantee. - Chaos's lost twin
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Looks like the training run is cancelled for today, friday, so she gets another day to put some cheese on the swelling and recover.
It rained.
Men's downhill race on sched for tomorrow at 11:45 am Pacific time.
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Advantage Canadians. They have trained there a lot, or so it has been said.
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Yes, so far the Canadian men have done quite well. The weather may be more of the same tomorrow though.
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