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Alta workshops

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I am going to have 7 full days to ski the BCC and LCC area starting next Monday. I was thinking (which is always dangerous!) that since it will be after Prez Day, and that no major dumps are predicted, the slopes should be fairly uncrowded.

Seems to me a perfect opportunity to take some of the workshops I see Alta offers, specifically the one designed to get intermediate skiers over the hump to ski steeps, bumps, etc.

Has anyone taken these workshops or are familiar with them and can provide some experiences/feedback? Will the lack of snow or conditions hamper what I would get out of them? Obviously the powder workshops won't happen, but I have a lot of other stuff to work on besides that. The prices are awful reasonable for 2-2.5 hours of instruction........IF its good instruction.

Thank you.
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 I have not taken them myself (always having too much fun to think about schooling) but I have talked to some of the instructors and know several people that have taken the workshops.  The instructors are top notch.  I think it is well worth the money (they would really earn it the hard way if I enrolled in a class, I can tell you that).  Last time I was at the GMD in January, several people at the dinner table raved about their experience in the workshops.  One benefit, if it is crowded, is that you get to cut to the front of the lift line, so you will end up getting more skiing in on top of the instruction.  I know one guy who always takes lessons when he skis on the weekends primarily for that reason -- it's a good time to allocate yourself to the lesson, since you'll likely be getting more runs in and spend less time waiting in line.  Another thing I have heard is that the classes often run small in size, so you get very personalized attention in a group lesson.
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