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Anyone use POC Goggles?

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Does not seem to be much here on the topic.

I am looking to replace my beloved Bolle Chrono with DARK Amber lenses (I believe they were Citrus). This pair was purchased in 1998 replaceing the same goggle purchased in 1992. That's right 2 pairs of goggles in 19 years. They never fogged EVER despite approximately 15-20 days/year in humid Vermont. probably because i am really carful, only wiping with the bag, etc.

Anyway, I am considering the Smith I/O or the POC Iris X or Bug . The I/O seems to be well liked, etc. But I really like the looks of the POC.

I have no doubts that both have great optics. BUT, I am most concerned with Fogging/scratching, etc. and plan to use these for a LONG time.

Anyone have any thoughts??
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Wow-No one huh?

Guess that is not much of an endorsement...
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Nobody else has any experience buying goggles with a 12 year life expectancy!
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 The goggles die usually not from scratches but when the face foam dies.  A number of my friends have the POC lobes goggles and they like them and have no complaints.  If they fit your face and fit our helmet, go for them.  One of their model is a pure racing one that has a single-pane lens for better vision.  Those goggles should be prone to fogging up.  Smith I/O is another great choice, as are all higher-end Oakley goggles.  
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Well, my daughter has them, likes them, but she is HYPER OCD about taking care of things, so would not be a good person for feedback on whether things hold up.  She stores the helmet and goggles in their bags all the time, keeps them separate from everything else, never touches the goggles with anything but their polishing cloth, etc.  So, of course they look brand new, but then so does every pair of goggles she's owned.
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I'd go with Smith.  POC's are awesome but soooooooooo over priced. 

Funny side note: POC white helmet is actually a different shade of white then POC white goggles.  I know someone who bought both offline thinking they would match and was very pissed.
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But plus side to POC (more for helemets but goggles too) is they have fantastic customer service.  Never had experience with goggles but people I race with have cracked their POC helemets, called customer service and they've had a new one in had within a week no charge
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Have POC Lobes, they work very well. Here are pics. Hopefully they will last the decade plus as your googles did. One thing, on a very heavy, very humid, blinding snow day, snow was very wet, to the point where my back had moisture trickling down as did my chest etc, since the shell and waterproofing could not retain/repel any more moisture, on that day, moisture seeped into the POCs from above. They are also not the greatest in terms of VLT, so for flat light conditions i switch the regular black or blue silver with a colorless lens. You can buy those separately from them. I do like my POCS but a bit old and still learning skier to worry too much about how they look, to me they look great and have a wide field of vision. Note got them post-season last year so less expensive but still they'd better last a decade!
Black POC Lobes:
TM_0999_1 2.jpg
In this video: This is just me learning how to ski the steeps so ignore all the skiing, just the goggles which i believe are quite visible in some frames, you complained in your first response about zero feedback, well given all that preceded me, trust everyone here was as helpful as this really good forum is:

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