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Any ski jacket recommendations?

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Hello all,
I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good ski jacket for me. It might be a odd thing to ask for, but I´ve been browsing in shops a lot recently and I have been unable to find a jacket that fulfills my criteria and suits me in other ways as well.
I´m 34yr old male, usually don´t ski in temps much below 15°F and sometimes in wet conditions.
Things I want that jacket to have:
- Armpit zips for venting
- Removable hood (or no hood at all)
- Cuffs with thumbholes
- An attached thin ski hood to wear under helmet (that folds into collar)
- Red in color (or other high visibility color, I like to be seen when skiing, for safety not egoistic reasons)
- skipass-pocket on left arm/left side
- A google/sunglass pocket and attached google wipe would be nice but not necessary. -Price: well.....a good value.

If any of you own a jacket that fulfills this criteria and you´re happy with and could recommend to me, I´d really appreciate it.

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That's alot of criteria.  My red Marker ski jacket is an awesome jacket that I would recommend to anyone.  No idea what model, but they seem to make great stuff.  Extremely durable, waterproof enough, and its not just a shell at all.  No thumbholes though, and the vents are a bit more around front, but they work just fine. 
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My Rossignol Jacket has all of those features but this one:

- An attached thin ski hood to wear under helmet (that folds into collar)

For that I just wear a thin beanie that's designed to be worn under a helmet.  When I don't need it I tuck it into an interior pocket.  I really like my jacket, but it's a couple of seasons old.  A quick search brought up this Rossy jacket that seems to be an updated version of the one that I have.  Maybe this will help.


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You may want to check this Helly Hansen deal.  I think it meets all of your criteria, except for color. I did and it is one heck of a jacket!
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Many good choices out there...  Marmot, Cloudveil and Arcteryx are all solid winter wear - though not neccessarily ski-ready.

For features for skiers Marker, Rossi, Nordica all make decent ski jackets.  Also, Descente is always good.

Also, is it just me or is North Face somewhat of a joke now?  Know they make solid stuff but it is hard to take them seriously when every other teen girl has the emblem on their back shoulder.  And those girls are not skiing or even doing anything outdoorsy.
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I've always associated North Face with kids/punks/thugs, but it's unfair really ... it's not their fault who wears their stuff, nor does it necessarily diminish the quality as long as they don't lose focus on making good technical clothing while chasing dollars by people who only care about the logo.

I've said in other threads, I think the ski jacket/shell is an area ripe for overspending ... but obviously if you're an experienced skier and know what features will make your day easier or more fun, go for it. I use a mediocre old Columbia Titanium coat and it does fine, but I think if I had money burning a hole in my pocket, I'd look at Marmot and Marker jackets first.
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My Marmot jacket has all of your criteria except for the thin hood for under the helmet.  It also has a nifty pass window on the front zipper cover that flips open for easy viewing as well as the sleeve pocket for RFID passes.  I've had it for several years and it is in perfect condition still.
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Big fan of North Face
I head to the NF outlet near me every summer and stock up on gear that's on sale
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My Obermeyer has all that good stuff except the thumbhole thingy.. whatever that is. I like it's warmth it's zippers and the special pass pocket on elastic pulls that fits perfect form my seasons pass.
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no way that store sucks.... ;)

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