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A message for Ott's Cat

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Dear Cat of Ott. My name is Blackcomb, and I am Lisamarie's half Maine Coon. She dosen't realize that I am smart enough to use her computer.
I would like to recommend a way to exact revenge on the clumsy humans who step on our lovely tails. You know those yucky drinks called manhattan. Why not use them to clean off the tail that got stepped on? Or... there are many things a cat can do to a ski boot!

Be braver in your cat bed, or your mice will leave you
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Hey Blackcomb, my name is Pugsly, my hair is very long and when I forgave my master (he thinks, ) for stepping on my tail, I laid in front of his feet on my back, all spread out with my front paws crossed over my chest, all vulnerable. So what does he say?

"Pugsly, your sure look like road kill" Grrrr

At least I get to travel with him in his trailer when he goes skiing...
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