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Race boot for high instep/wide (E) foot

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Hello all, thanks first and foremost for the service you provide to us.  I am currently looking for a race boot, but probably not a pure plug boot.  Something along the line of a 120-130 (in most manufacturers scales).  My foot is wider in the mid-foot area, closer to the heel than many other people. I also have a bit of a high instep.  I do not currently have custom footbeds in my boots.  I realize that this is the first step to fixing any problems.  What I am really curious about, though, is what race boot or boots you have had success with when it comes to fitting my foot type.  I am open to using a high end all mountain boot, but would really prefer to own a "race" boot, since I do not generally ski powder, bumps, or terrain park.  I like hard, fast snow.  If you require any more clarification just let me know how I can help.  Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
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You might try the Salomon Falcon  CS (130)since it has the custom shell feature and could be modified for width by you, as to the instep issue you will need to see a boot fitter.  Check the WI KI at the front  of "Ask the boot guy's" area to find someone near you.
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sounds like you need a stiff, wide boot.

falcon for sure, even the impact 10 or pro is a nice option.

lange super blaster.

nordica sportmachine 120.

all boots can be made wider, not softer, or get them stiff and get the width blown out
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I had actually looked into the falcon cs pro quite a bit.  How is the fit of the x3 rc cs as compared to the falcon cs pro? or even the x3 10 cs... I'm honestly looking for as pure a race boot as I can get with the ability to be fit to my foot properly.  Like I said, I don't venture off piste, I'm not big on powder, I like the ice.  
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all the falcons are the same fit only the X3 lab boots are the narrower version (95mm)

lange have a new race boot in a wide 100mm last available in a 130 flex, it may be an option
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 cem- I see you're in the UK... are you sure that boot was released in a 130 flex in the USA? Also, the x3 rc cs is the salomon race boot, only with the 98-104 mm last listed for the custom shell.  Does the boot really expand to that width?  Does anyone have information on the fit of the x3 rc cs or the x3 10 cs?
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I can't see why not, it is on the Lange international product line up (this is coming for 2010/11) it is called the RS130 wide..... the X3 rc CS and X3 10 cs are the falcon shell in race colours yes they expand as to how much this depends on the foot inside them, we have found that some more flexible feet do not push them out as much as they need to  , every other shell can be expanded given a good fitter and the right tools, if you want the real race boot then you need the X3 lab

BTW the fact that i am in the UK means i am a couple of thousand miles closer to where this stuff is made!!!
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you should approach your search from a different angle. by throwing out to the boot fitters the question of which boot should i get?, or what are the possibilities for a foot like mine?, takes into consideration that we could actually imagine what your foot looks like via the description that you have given us without seeing your foot up close. read the wiki's, they will lead you away from the right product search, to the right boot fitter search.

IMHO, the responses you received are ok, however seeing a boot fitter that specializes in adapting hard to fit feet to hard to fit boots is what you are looking for. not a model or a brand of boot. race boots are meant to have a shell that is fit very close to the foot. race boots are the most adaptable to length, height, and width based on the thickness of the shell walls, and the quality of the plastics that they are made of. a good fitter can accomodate an e width foot with a high instep into any boot, it is not rocket science, it is basic geometry.

IMO, the factors you are using to determine what boot you want ( by flex rating, forefoot width, and instep height) will not net you the boot that matches your individual needs. a good boot fitter will look at your big picture goals and the overall shape and function of your foot and come up with the best choice for you. we love to play carnac the magnificent and guess via this forum what will work for you, however without seeing you in person, we are either throwing darts at the wall, or trying to roll a dog down the bowling alley.

good luck,

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Thank you very much for the perspective.  Like just about any other equipment junkie I often lose sight of what I NEED, or what would be BEST for me and I end up getting far too into what looks best for me, or what would look cool.  My main reason for this post is that I wanted to make sure I could get a broad idea of what I might want to gravitate toward, and make sure I enlist the services of a bootfitter that deals in those products.  New Jersey is not the greatest place for bootfitting, although I recently moved to north jersey and there are better quality people working in shops up here.  What I think I'm going to do is just save up some money (college student income is not the greatest when it comes to acquiring the best possible services) and go to U.S. Orthotics in NYC.  The last "bootfitter" I saw told me to "just play with the canting adjustments until something felt right, and that's what a good fit is".  I just want to be done skiing in pain.  My boots now leave my feet in pins and needles for a good 45 min after I take them off... and I only leave them buckled for 1-3 runs at a time... tops.
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 I agree with Jim and would emphasize again that without seeing your foot it is very hard to give you reliable advice to steer you in any direction.

I regularly see people who say they have wide feet and when I measure they are "C" width.  I see people that say they are very flat footed and I don't see it, etc.  Everyone advising here will have had the same experiences.

There are good fitting shops in NYC and in Vermont/New Hampshire.  If you can't find someone closer, head there and you'll get good reliable help.

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