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My Beginner Tools List... What do you think?

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Up at Killington this week my bases and edges took a few shots here and there in the trees and I finally realized that it's time for me to suck it up and buy some nice ski tuning equipment.  Below is a list I have compiled.  Let me know what you think. 

***Hot waxing/structuring & base flattening/base bevel equipment will come next year.

Brake retainers
Mechanix gloves (have them from workin on my car)
Base welding ribbon/rods
Iron with flat tip for repairing bases
Panzer file for cutting down excess base repair material
Flat metal scraper for further smoothing
Aluminum Oxide stone (high 100, low 200 grit) to knock down work hardened edge dings
3 deg side bevel tool
Clamp thinger (have one)
Moonflex 200 grit
Moonflex 600 grit
File brush (have one)
Wax Whizard (for between hot waxing)
All purpose hydro wax (have some)
Brass/nylon hand brushes
Arkansas or gummy stone for final deburring

Anything else you can think of or should this be a pretty solid start?  I am looking for a "performance" tune nothing too racy.  Is a 600 grit diamond stone sufficiently polished or is another step necessary?

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I'd suggest a 400 grit diamond before the 600x. You might be fine with the 400x and no more than the 600x should suffice.

Side Wall planing or cutting?
Beer opener?
Fiber tex

Looks very comprehensive for a 'beginner list'. This ought to get you by for a while.
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Thanks for the info about the 400s.

Vise is a good idea but I thought I could devise one for the time being.
I figured I could get by without a sidewall cutter at the moment since I won't be taking too much material off the edges.
50/50 water/alc with a little soap?

I've learned from working on cars and bikes it's better to have more tools than be caught stranded without the ones you need :-)
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In a pinch (if your diamonds start collecting plastic) you can back file by hand or put a shim on your edge guide:

50/50 denatured alcohol.

Make sure your support system is convenient, stable and reliable.
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I still like this list of tools from noodler.

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That is definitely a full list.  Much of that I'll acquire over time hopefully.
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Let me add one or 2 items.  Short $$.

1.  A 6" paintbrush.  This is great for brushing off filings and shavings from base, bindings etc.

2.  Black marker for marking edge to insure smooth and uniform material removal.

3.  You really should look into a vice. 
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I have a nearly new Swix pro 500 vice setup that I will sell you at a very good price. PM me or email me at gsmith721@yahoo.com if interested.

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