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Scott P4 + Head Mojo bindings

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First time poster here and I just finished my first weekend with my new P4s at Tahoe.

I noticed that the brake arms on the Mojo 12s rub the side of the ski, but not enough to prevent them from coming up or down.

The shop hasn't gotten back to me, but are these 115mm arms? Would the arms stick out too much if I went 130mm?
I know tyrolia (same manufacturer) has 97mm, but from the pictures it looks like those arms have an extra bend that the wider brakes don't have.


I found this listing on ebay for fat brakes, but doesn't indicate that the mojo 12s are compatible. Are the Mojo 15 brakes different?


Here are mine retracted and down.


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 The Mojo 12 uses the standard "LD" brake, while the Mojo 15 uses an entirely different brake design.  The two are not interchangeable.

Tyrolia/Head brakes tend to run very narrow in recent years -- I have no idea if it's a manufacturing issue, or they just don't spec them correctly.  The 97mm brakes fit well on 85mm skis, but I had to widen them for use on 94mm skis.  The 115mm brakes are only about 102mm wide, and due to the design, are not easily bent.  I got their 130mm brakes for some 111mm skis, and those fit about right, maybe slightly generous (I bent them narrower a little bit).

From your pics, it looks like those are the 115mm brakes, running narrow as I'd expect.  I don't see any evidence that they were 97mm brakes bent wider.

As far as brake operation, be sure you judge it with the skis laid down on a flat surface (to mimic skis on snow).  When used this way, the brake arms tend to splay a bit wider due to the weight of the ski and boot coming down.  And Tyrolia brakes have an articulating movement that causes them to widen as they come around the ski and then stow narrower when the boot is all the way in.  When releasing, they immediately widen as soon as the boot comes up, before rotating around the sidewall.  So it's entirely possible for the brakes to look too narrow but function fine.  As long as they don't bind up, you're OK.

Finally, I should note that, depending on sidecut shape and your boot size, the ski can be a lot wider in the brake area than the waist dimension suggests.  But even taking that into account, Tyrolia brakes run much narrower than spec.
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 BTW, the part number on the brakes is stamped on the underside, so there's no way to tell specifically which brakes you have without removing the heel piece (which I'd advise against).
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they don't bind, but just rub even when placed on a flat surface. Enough to leave a mark on the sidewall and shave a bit of the plastic sleeve on the arms. Since brake arms aren't a constantly moving piece, maybe few times a ski day (lunch time, random crash/dismounts, end of day), I am hoping there isn't significant side wall damage over the years.

I just took a look at how the brakes are installed, but it looks like there's no way to replacing the brakes without removing the heel piece entirely from the skis? 2 screws seem to be mounting bolts seem to also hold the brake in place...
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 Correct, and you'd likely need to remove the rear two screws as well.

You can shave the little nubs off the inside of the plastic sleeves if that helps any.  Use a sharp exacto blade.
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