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Which lessons?

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My budget will only allow me ONE of the following options. Which one do you think I would get the most out of? I'm at level 7.

1)a one hour private lesson.
2)a two hour private lesson with a friend(skis a bit better than me)
3)5 x 2 hour group lessons(maximum 7 persons/group)

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If option #3 means: five two hour group lessons, then choose that, provided you are going to be grouped with skiers of similar skill level. Make sure to communicate this carefully to the ski school director. This is key,or else a group lesson could become a frustrating experience. A group will usually, but not necessarily always, advance as fast, as it's weakest skier.

A group does give you chance to see others ski, and they will motivate you to ski your best.
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Thanks Wink,

Yes it would be 5 consecutive days. 2hours/day.
Where I ski, from level 7 on,all skiers will do a run or two as the instructors watch, and are then placed in appropriate group. The last time I was in a group lesson (level 5) there were about 12 people, and I was probably the best skier, so I know exactly what your talking about.
Hopefully in the upper level lessons, everyone would have a very similar ability (after grading by instructor).
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I would suggest option 1 or 2 probably the 2 hour with friend assuming the friend is pretty close in ability and you feel you can or will learn as quickly. Generally the private lesson will be done by a more experienced instructor then the groups are. In the group you are at the whim of various adversities. One of 7 keeps falling, has a ski failure, asks a ton of stupid questions. It all eats time and quickly eats up the savings of being in the group of people you don't know and may not learn similar to or at a similar pace.
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