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Jimmy Heuga dead at 66

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Skiing legend and longtime disabled skier hero died today. I met the man a few times. Great guy. We used to do a race every year at HV for benefit of his foundation and for disabled skiers. his longtime fight with MS and his longtime fundraisers for those who battled the disease helped thousands.

He was an Olympian Bronze medalist but he will be remembered more for his fight for a cure for MS and help for disabled skiers.

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Sad news for sure.  I was a 2nd grader when he won his Bronze medal at Insbruck.  A Squaw Valley native,  I also remember when he (legitimately) passed his LII certification after MS had him on the downslide.  A most gracious, unpretentious & humble gentleman.

RIP Jimmy
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I remember how thrilled I was to ride the Tbar with him at Lake Eldora the year after he won his Olympic medal, the year we were both students at the University of Colorado. A friendly unassuming person and a great slalom skier of his day.
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Extremely sad news.  I didn't even know he was living a few miles from my house.

RIP Jimmy
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Very, very sad news. Great person and a tremendous inspiration to so many. I agree that his legacy as a ski racer will be eclipsed by his tireless efforts to fight MS.



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A very great man. He will be missed by many.

I was at Innsbruck when he won the bronze in slalom. That was a wonderful moment for him I'm sure.
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Originally Posted by Lars View Post
He was an Olympian Bronze medalist but he will be remembered more for his fight for a cure for MS and help for disabled skiers.

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We've lost another skiing legend and a great guy.
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He lived a good life and benefited many, many people with his Jimmie Heuga Express Foundation. No better legacy than that. Rest in Peace, Jimmie. 
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 Jimmy Heuga has left a legacy behind him with the charity work that will live on for years to come.
RIP Jimmy.
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 That sucks. I saw him in the SLC airport a few years back. A courageous man and a true hero.
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A great article and pictures in the Steamboat Pilot.

Billy Kidd did make it to Boulder yesterday.  Another great article in the Denver Post.
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Participated in the Huega vertical challange for 7 years before wearing out my Sillytude welcome. Was blessed to meet Jimi twice on his visits, Share a meal, stories, tune his sitski and adorn it with FKNA stickers and make turns along side of a ledgend.  Several people told me pretty much the same thing, many people whine about the cards lifes dealt them but not Jimi guy was always greatful and stoic despite his crippling disease. I'ts always easy to find reasons you CAN'T DO things But Jimis attitude and CAN DO willingness
inspired a lot of people this middleaged skibum included.
God speed you on your journey onward Jimi you were the man.
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I remember the first time our community of Tahoe City was told the news of Jimmy s diagnosis of MS. I must have been 3-4 grade then. We instantly all came together with fund raisers ( i was in scouts at the time) and a BIG community support!

He was quite a friend to everyone and very appreciative to all....


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"Rather than looking in terms of what you can't do, look in terms of what you can do."  ...Jimmy Heuga

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