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Heat Moulding and getting the right fit

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Hey guys,

I just bought myself a pair of Tecnica agent 80's from a local shop in town. I am new to skiing, so even though the boots were  only 300, which isn't much compared to what more advanced skiers probably spend, it was a lot for me.

Anyways,   I've gone out with them three times now and they feel alright. However, that is only when i really double up on my socks, otherwise my ski is shaking all over my foot as im going down the hill. I tried on a 28.5 in the store and they felt too small in width for my toes. The 29's felt good, but with a bit of heal slippage.   i have pretty wide feet, but thin ankles, so i doubt any boot will fit perfectly. Regardless, i went with the 29. They heat moulding them in the store, and when i put them on my foot they told me to crank them right up, though a friend of mine who has skied much longer told me that normally you only half crank when heat moulding...

Is it reasonable for me to continue doubling up on my socks or should the store be able to widen the 28.5's they have in the same style? For that matter, is it reasonable for me to ask the store to exchange the boots even though i've woren them three times and they heat moulded them when i bought them?
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If YOU selected the 29 over the 28 shell, after the store got you to try them on, I think that this is more your problem and less the stores fault.

that said, ask the store if they will and see what happens.

the 29 is too big, heating the liners just helps the boot to packout and stretch the way it would anyways,  and made it feel the way it would after 5-10 days.

odds are the 28 is what you need, and after heating the liner it might be fine, or a bit of shell work.

try the 28 shell on, with the 29 liner, to see how that combo feels as this is how the 28 liner will feel after 5-10 days of use.

do all this is one, thin sock, and you might be in a 27 wide boot too.   did the store doa  shell fit on you?  (remove the liner and see how the shell only fits you)?
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Yeah, i did figure as much in terms of it not really being the store's fault. In terms of length, there is no way i could go shorter than a 28.5 without breaking my toes first, when considering the different brands and models I tried. That being said, most 28.5's felt too narrow in the toe box. However, I did tell the sales person that feeling and he did not mention anything about a shell fit or the possibility of shell work, so in that way there may be a bit of fault on their side (IMO, considering I have worked in sales also). Also, I was wondering if my friend was right in that I should not have cranked them all the way up in heat moulding them?

Once again, i am quite new to skiing but am surrounded by people who have ski'd their whole lives, but offer advice that does not seem to be suitable for a beginner (as they probably don't remember being one). Having said that, I rarely do beginner runs and mostly stick to intermediate and advanced (single blacks).

If the store will not exchange the boots, will an insole or heal lift help?

Is there variation among skiers in how tight a boot should fit, or is it pretty much, the tighter the better?
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     Read the WIKI on how a boot should fit and how to shell check a boot, at the front of this area of the forum.  Then shell check the boots you now have. 
     If you measure 28,5 you might be interested to learn that a 28.0/28.5 are the same exact shell size (the factory insole in the 28.0 is thicker than in the 28.5 which makes it feel tighter, duh!) and that a majority of folks will fit into a size smaller than they measure, once the liner is molded (previous response mentioned you might fit into a 27,0). 
      I can't speak to what the store you bought from will or will not do, but the "sales person" (read "not a boot fitter" here) was only following your lead, and sold you what you would accept.  Experience is a great teacher.
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