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Leaving for Telluride Wednesday morning (2-10-10) Any one heard what the snow has been like out there? Never been there before. Anyone have any suggestions on what the best part of the mountain is to ski?
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My buddy skied there the last two days.  Coverage is only fair.  Snow quality on the north facing stuff is good.  Some of the steeps have stuff exposed in the troughs of the bumps, The trees are rather dicey because of low base, and many parts of Gold Hill and Revelation Bowl are a little rocky, but if you watch were you are going there is plenty of excellent skiing. All of the groomers are excellent.  Just be a little careful, expect some suprises, and you should have a great time.  There is lots of good skiing, but some runs require a little hunt and peck.
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Thanks for the info!!! It will be interesting to get there!!!

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Just got back today from Telluride. The skiing was pretty good out there but they could use some more snow. We did however recieve 6'' of snow Saturday night so we were able to get some fresh tracks in Sunday morning.

It was real busy Sunday so the fresh powder got tracked out pretty quick. All in all it was a pretty good trip.

I'm headed back to Colorado to ski winter park next weekend. Hopefully they will have good snow to!
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