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Cheap(er) tickets to Big Sky?

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I'm headed up to Big Sky this weekend to see a family friend. I know in the Bay Area, the sporting goods stores have discount lift tickets for the Tahoe resorts. Anyone know if there are similar opportunities for Big Sky lift tickets? I don't want to be the sucker paying full price if it can be avoided

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Unfortunately, it's Presidents Weekend, and high season rates.
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Costco used to sell ticket three packs that saved you about $15 to $20 a day.  Unfortunately, they didn't offer them this year.  They offered frequency cards instead which required a visitor to ski 5 days before they started to see any savings.
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Not sure if they honor season passes from out of state?  They used to here at Big Mountain.  I know that Big Sky gives discounts for other MT areas, but not sure about out of state. 
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make friends with an employee, they get 10 half price tix (single day) each so if you buy 3 lifties a beer....:-)

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We will be at Big Sky for 10 days starting 12th of March. If anyone can point us to places/people who can help us get discount lift tickets (for 6-8 days), we'd really appreciate it. Many thanks.

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Check Costco for discounted 3-packs in neighboring cities, but not Bozeman. 

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