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Boot Upgrade and Modification Questions - Fischer RC4

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I was fit 2 years ago with the Fischer RC4 Race 120's in size 26.5.  This was a major upgrade from entry level boots I had which were 2 sizes too big.  I made huge strides with the new boots mostly because I took up racing and spent a lot of time on the mountain getting instruction and improving my technique and level of aggressiveness.

I went to a bootfitter at Killington and was told I need to be in a stiff boot because I have an unusual amount of hyperflexion in the ankle and anything too soft would collapse.  I also discovered I would benefit from canting since about 70% of my weight is on the inside edges of my boots.  Before I do this kind of work I want to re-evaluate the boot I am in and strongly consider an upgrade to a WC model.  The bootfitter is excellent and I would like to use their stance analysis/modification services, but they are not a Fischer dealer so I'm trying to research the boot myself before I attempt to buy it.

My questions are:

1) I tried on a pair of the 2010 RC4 WC 130's in 98mm last.  They actually felt softer than the 120's I had.  Is this true and why?
2) Is the upper cuff of WC model much lower volume than the Race 120 model - I have thin calves and I seemed to have packed out the liner so much at the top I needed The Eliminators from Masterfit to take up the extra space.  Will moving to a WC model provide a tighter fit for me?
3) The Race model has removable toe/heel plates - does that mean the bottom of the boot is hollow and would prove difficult to do canting?  I believe the WC model has solid toe/heel.
4) My feet differ in size by 1/2.  I believe I was fit for the larger foot at the time leaving me a little extra space in the smaller foot's boot.  Would it benefit me more to be fit for the smaller foot and drop a shell size (to 25.5) and have the larger foot's toe box expanded?  Is it possible to expand a toe box 1/2 size?
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1)   where the WC warm and in the store and your 120' cold or outside?  if not, no idea

2)   yes

3)  maybe,  hard to say,  I dont sell fischer.  do they offer canted soles at all?


4)  yes, yes  get the 25, and stretch it out for the bigger foot/

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1) The 120's were used that day before I went to the store, but they had time to warm up a bit in the lodge and car.  I had one on each foot and it was noticeably easier to flex the 130's. 

I just asked a local bootfitter and he said Fischer is making boots softer in 2010 because skis are getting softer and that the WC 130 would feel softer than the old 120 I had.  I would like to get a second confirmation on that.

3) I'm not familiar with canted soles...is that something done from within the boot rather than adding plastic to the bottom?
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