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Line P90 or 100?

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I ski mostly out East and recently tried the Line Prophet 90s. Am 6 ft 195 and the days of ripping down the mtn are long gone. that said - I prefer the challenges of navigating the trees and chutes (bumps or no bumps). Powder days are limited out East, so I take em when I get them. The Line 90s were awesome - really enjoyed them and can see the 90 being a great all mtn ski capable of doing anything. I want to try the Line 100s, given what I have heard about the ski and everyone raves about them. Anyone have an opinion of the 100s vs the 90s? of course, they'll float in the pow nicely but how are they in the hardpack and bumps? also - found the 90s extremely easy to turn and figure the 100s may be less so. appreciate any comments!
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It's basically the same ski just wider .

Honestly, I think you're better off with the 90 in the East.  Slightly quicker turn radius with good edge hold (which you'll need where you ski). 
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 Coming from someone who skis similar conditions that you do, though shorter vertical, I would say the 90 is your best bet.

And Noodler knows what he's talking about!(unless he disagrees with me) 
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