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Dad's Birthday

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 Hi, I'm new here and I thought this was the right place to come!  I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me - my ski-instructor Dad turns 60 this year and we want to put together photographs of all the skis he ever skied on. So we got him drunk and bet him he couldn't remember them.  He could, but I am having a terrible time trying to find actual pictures.

Does anyone know where I might find photos of:
Attenhoffer A4 (1940s - wood)
Fischer Alu-Steel (metal from the 1950s)
Kneissl Red Star (Plastic & Wood, from the 1950s)
Kneissl White Star (Plastic & wood, from the 50s/60s?)
Rossignol Roc (plastic & metal, 60s/70s) 

(I got the first quarter of the list, sadly.)

Thanks in advance for whatever information anyone has, and I hope I posted this in the right place.
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Welcome to Epic. Some of the 50's abd 60's models might be tough but once you get into the 70's and newer, you might be able to find some in the retro threads 
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