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Rossignol question

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What ski in the current Rossignol line up replaced the bandit B3?  I love my B3's and want to replace them with the updated version if they make one?  Thanks for you help.
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 They changed the name to put the width in the name, so the B3 became B83, B2 became B78, etc.
That only lasted one year (I think)  but there is still new-old-stock out there (and at pretty good deals).
Then they replaced the line with the Phantoms, but they are not really the same thing -- different widths, different core material, probably other changes.  The closest correspondance is probably the Phantom SC 87.

I have B3's myself.  I have not tried the Phantoms (other than the 104 which is totally irrelevant to this question).
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Which B3s are you talking about?  The original B3s with greyish graphics and a 94mm waist or the later model with red graphics and a 83mm waist?
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I'm pretty sure that the Bandit name was connected with the original 94mm B3. I think the later version was simply the Rossi B3.

Edit: After a little googling, what I said above is incorrect. They were both called the Bandit B3, so the question still exist as to which "B3" we're addressing here.
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