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loose footbed?

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I have a new pair of Nordica Speed Machine 110s.  With the "stock" liner and footbeds. The boots fit and work great, only one small problem.  Ive used them 5 days now and everytime I take off the left boot the footbed either comes out or folds over.  Then I have to take the liner out of the shell  to replace the footbed back into place.  Anyone else ever have this problem? Solution?  

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2 sided tape  (carpet tape)
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get a higher quality trim to fit footbed, or invest in a custom footbed. properly trimmed, either of those options will solve your problem.

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what Jim said^^^^^

the stock insole in most boots is nothing more than a bit of unshaped carpet tiel or foam, it has  no place there, you will notice a difference with a supportive insert
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Ok, I'll try the carpet tape to get me through to next week.   Then I'll go see about footbeds, 

Ive never had custom footbeds before:  does it take a while to fit, how do they custom fit them,   pricey?

Thanks again,
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