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Where to ski in the east???

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Snowshoe, Winterplace, 7 Springs, Canaan Valley, Timberline...

Can anyone help me choose between these 5 places?  My wife and I are going 2/19-2/21.  The only one I have been to is Snowshoe so any comparisons would be appreciated.  We're coming from KY so Winterplace is closest, but the extra drive to get to the others is not a problem.  I know the lodging and lift ticket prices so the ski conditions are really all I'm concerned with. 

Thanks for the info!
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I'm just back from Timberline and i can tell you that we are wide open you can ski anywhere you have the skills to ski. If you are looking for good conditions and interesting terrain come to Timberline and if you are not pleased Canaan Valley is only ten minutes away. Here's another option for that weekend

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