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Dynastar Sultan 85 or Mythic Riders

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Hi there!

After browsing this site for reviews and the forums for some discussions I think I've narrowed my choice of ski down to these two.

I'm 186 (6'2), 85kgs (edit: 185lbs I believe) and would consider myself an advanced skier (mostly skiing in Austria/France, black slopes are easy, good technique, off piste decent but needs work). I want to do a bit more off-piste skiing, but will probably spend the majority of my time on-piste for the moment. (edit: I will be looking to get more off-piste work done tho!)

I've tried the Legend 8000 for a couple of days and liked it, altho didn't get a chance for too much off piste testing due to weather. They did however seemed to do fine on groomers, bumps, etc.

I feel the Legend Pro is too focussed on powder for me and the Sultan 80 not enough ski, but please feel free to correct me. However, I cant quite decide between the MR and the 85! Ideally I would like one ski that works across the board, in an all mountain environment.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Both great skis.  I think the Sultan is probably more versatile across the board.  The Mythic is a good ski, but more focused on one end of the spectrum.  The Sultan is in the middle of the spectrum.
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I bought the Mythic Rider a few weeks ago.  It does about everything I want a ski to do from carving on the front to playing in the trees.  It also does OK in the bumps.  Haven't had a chance to try them iin deep powedr yet but will do so once we get some fresh snow!
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Choosing between the two is easy.  If you live west of the Mississippi get the MRs.  East of the Mississippi get the Sultan 85s.
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Originally Posted by TheFD View Post

...mostly skiing in Austria/France...

Originally Posted by Rio View Post

Choosing between the two is easy.  If you live west of the Mississippi get the MRs.  East of the Mississippi get the Sultan 85s.

Might want to revise your criteria slightly, Rio.

From what you describe, TheFD, spending the majority of your time on-piste, the Sultan is probably the better choice for you.
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I suppose both Austria and France are east of Mississippi if you take the shortest route ;)

I get the feeling that the Sultan 85 does what I want it to do, but I almost feel like I'm missing out by not going for the MR's which get great reviews.

I'm starting to get a bit bored with all the piste skiing, so I'd look to stray off the beaten path a bit more. What advantages would the MR's offer?

Thanks for the replies so far by the way!!
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Any more views on the above?

And also length advise?
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i am about your height and weight and am low /mid expert. I went with mrs in a 189 because my other skis are 185 and i wanted something real stable. The mrs are easy to ski and really stick mid turn and throw you into the next turn. I like my skis to only do something when i ask so the straighter side cut is perfect. I would imagine the sultans are a bit more "turny" Just for giggles i pointed them and i was  looking for a speed limit, i couldn't  find it . I got in a couple powder days and they work great hopping/sliding the tails around rather than the whole carving thing. In the woods they are a touch slow if you dont plan your turns a little further ahead, but the grip and stability is what you get in return. The shorter 184 length would be the better allaround choice in this regard.
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Spent the last 3 days at Copper on my MR's.  Fist time I got to ski them in powder.  I am about the same size as you and ski on 189's.  My experience with the skis is about the same as natrats.  To get the most out of these skis you have to ski them aggressively.  They make a real nice carved turn from long to relatively short.  I too could not find their speed limit.  They have a real nice bounce in the powder and are unflappable in crud.   
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I have a lot of experience with Mythic, but I have not been on the Sultan.  Probably the right answer to your question is the next year's Sultan 94, but this is next year.  Mythic  is a burlier off-piste ski that happens to be a decent carver, but it is a reluctant carver compared to some other choices in that category.  I moved from the MR to the Head Mojo 94 this year (more sidecut, wider and softer flex), and I have been very happy so far.   Based on what you said, Sultan 85 will be a better fit for you, unless your goal is to ski mostly off-piste.  

Other considerations: Mythic is being replaces by the Sultan 94, so you can probably get MRs for a relatively cheap price this year.
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I picked up a pair of Mythics near the end of last year's season, and have not had too many days on them in soft snow / powder (I live in eastern Canada).  However, what experience I have had has been very positive.  They carve surprisingly well; are VERY stable; have excellent edge hold on hard snow; are rather lively; have a nice energy in the tail; are surprisingly agile and are easy to make short-radius turns; and are a tremendous amount of FUN! On soft snow (I have only skied it in about 6 inches fresh powder), they are very smooth, have nice float, and are easy to turn due to the limited sidecut.  They are very good in broken snow, crud and bumps -- just blast through the crud piles like nothing was there.  The combination of cap construction fore and aft, and sidewall underfoot, together with the moderate sidecut, seems to really work to the ski's advantage in soft snow and bumps, and yet don't hinder the short turn ability at all.

However, they do not like icy conditions (but then they were made for soft snow).  On icy/crusty snow, they transmit a lot of vibration through the skis, which is irritating and tiring.  Edge hold suffers, too.

It is a relatively stiff ski, but one which responds well to my body weight (100 kgs).  If I were significantly lighter, I think it may be a bit too stiff, and a softer ski would then be a better choice.  A friend, who weighs only 65 kg, found them way too stiff, and could not get them to bend and comply, and found them very demanding.  I looked at the Sultan in a shop recently, side-by-side with a pair of Mythics in the same length, and the Sultan was significantly softer.  Given your body weight, if you are a powerful, aggressive skier, the Sultan may be too soft for you.  But if you are less aggressive, then it may be better suited than the Mythic. 

For me, they are perfectly suited to my needs -- skiing occasional soft snow in the east, and about 7 to 10 days skiing every season out west.  They comprise the wide half of a two-ski quiver.....the narrow hard snow pair being the Head Supershape Speed.

If you have a chance, demoing would be highly recommended.  Bottom line -- the Mythic is an excellent, well-designed and well-made ski, and there is good reason why they get such great reviews.

Hope this is helpful......
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 According to many pros at Alta, the Sultan Legend serves them well in their all-mountain conditions, and they are pretty firm and stiff.
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Thanks for the elaborate and excellent answers! Based on the fact that for the time being they will be my only ski and that my skiing varies depending on who I ski with (aggressive or not - the girlfriend tends to ski as fast as she gets ready to go anywhere! :P) I think the Sultan 85's probably suit me better across the board.

One last question if you guys don't mind - as you can tell I don't know a great deal about ski's! Fluid or normal? The tip of the ski actually seems to look slightly different..

edit: Okay maybe two questions.. going for the 85's what length should I go with? Am I right in thinking that because I'm going for the slightly softer ski I can go for the longer length to make up for it?
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My Mythics have the Fluid bindings, and I really like them.  They allow me to move the binding forward or back without need for tools or redrilling -- just flip a lever on the toe piece, slide to a new position, lock it down, and repeat for the heel piece.  Easy! This has been extremely useful in finding the sweet spot on this ski....it is amazing how much just a centimeter fore or aft makes to my sense of being balanced on the skis.

The plate also acts as a lifter, elevating the boot off the ski, which helps in making the skis more responsive to edge changes.  Quicker edge-to-edge, more agile....  I would not want to ski the Mythic with a flat-mounted binding, unless I were skiing only off-piste, perhaps.

Overall, the Dynastar/Look bindings really seem to transmit energy to the ski very well, and make the boots feel "locked in", solid and secure.  I have skied them on other Dynastars and Rossi's, and have always been impressed by their feel.

OTOH, if you buy the skis flat, you can mount whatever bindings you want, if you're looking for something better than the Dynastar system.

Good luck, and great choice either way.  The Sultans look like great skis.  If I wasn't so heavy, I would probably own a pair.

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I own a pair of MR's with the fluid bindings. Good all mountain ski.  It is beefy and super stable. Likes bigger turns on the groomers but really shines in the crud.

Demoed the Sultans earlier this year. also liked them.  I thought they had a softer flex and were turnier than the MR's.

I would say the decision would come down to how much time you spend on the groomed. Sultans better there. MR's better off-piste.
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