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Confused newbie skier on first ski(s) purchase (imagine that!)

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So being in the tahoe area and snowboarding for a few years this year I decided to actually put effort into learning to ski this season, instead of just dabbling a couple times a year as in the past.   Took some lessons, and have been renting/borrowing gear mostly.   I'm not carving anything yet at least on purpose, but am running parallel turns and getting more confident on blue runs.   Last lessons I had put me at a level 5 according to the instructor.

I don't have much desire to do 60mph on my skis, or go into the park, but as the season starts to wrap up I would like to get a good pair of skis (or two) in order to progress on next year.  I don't want a ski I have to charge hard on all the time, I'd rather have something I can just enjoy skiing on, but also advance my skills on to push myself at times.  Maybe that's too much to ask.  I'm 5-11 and 200 in gear.   Christian at elite feet set me up with some fitted boots earlier in the year as I figured that's probably the best place to put $ to start and I have hard to fit feet (don't even ask how many hiking/snowboarding boots I went through to find ones that fit).

My question is somewhat general in that when I try and do research on skis it seems like there's little to nothing in the intermediate range (which quite frankly I may not even be yet).   It seems like you either find skis that are cheaper and billed as beginner skis, that I'm concerned won't allow me to really progress on, or skis that are higher priced and marketed as expert skis.

My concern is I don't want to get an expert ski if it's just going to kill me and that I can't enjoy skiing.  I assume and probably incorrectly that a lot of this is due to the skis stiffness.  Softer skis being easier to ski slowly and more forgiving of poor technique.  While more expensive skis being stiffer, and more capable of speed/grip but less forgiving of user errors.    However, I'd also guess that most skis are not designed/rated for 200lb users so perhaps I can get away with a stiffer ski than a lighter skier with it still being somewhat forgiving?

For example I looked at the AC20, but from what I've been able to read, most suggest skipping the AC20 and going to the AC30.  My concern is the AC30 too much ski that I won't be able to ski as it seems to be considered a very stiff, expert ski.

Same is true for like the blizzard Magnum 7.6 -vs- the 8.7.  The 8.7 would probably be a better all around ski for me as far as it's terrain flexibility, but the 7.6 seems more billed as a softer intermediate ski and the 8.7 as an expert ski.   Same could be said of the Atlas ski, which originally I was interested in as a one ski quiver for tahoe, but it seems like it's also billed as an expert only ski. 

Same for the dynastar 4x4,  atomic blackeye ti, Prophet 100, Volkl mantra.  Either as a one ski quiver, such as the magnum 8.7/Atlas/Mantra/Blackeye Ti, or as a two ski quiver such as a 7.6/4x4/AC30 and P100/Argos etc.

So in the end I guess my question is are all of these ski choices a bad idea for a level 5 to purchase to progress into because they are too much ski?   Is it really not possible to just enjoy skiing on any of these, do they have to always be pushed hard/fast? 

Thanks in advance



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I just bought the Nordica DOBERMANN SPITFIRE XBI CT (122-70-105 170 (R14)
I use them for groomed surface, im a Strong Intermediate, i love to carve. I thought they would be to stiff for me (im 6.2'' 155 lbs) but they are great..i love them..Radius of 14 is great and small..they dont shake when going fast... couldnt find any to demo, i just took a chance...

You know how to parallel turn...if i were you i wouldnt buy a beginner ski... 

Note: I learned to ski on Fischer RX4 - great ski to begin/inter. But this was 5-6 years ago and i didnt know how to ski. 

good luck
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