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edge filing degrees ???

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I just got an "Ergo Race side and base sharpener" it has two base edge positions 0.5 and 1 degree  For the side edges it has  86,87,88,and 89 degrees, Since I have just started skining again after several decades,all this is new to me.Back then we had no choice that I remember. I like blue intermediate to milder black runs ,a bit of moguls and and just cruising along too. I guess all around recreational; sking. I'm 5' 10" 180 lbs and have Head monster 78's  Oh yeah I'm in my 60's and don't intend keeping up with you youngsters lol..Can someone tell me the degrees to chose when filing my edges please..This tool is just a mill file with a guide. The guide is what decides the degrees.
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 Use 88 degrees on the side and don't touch the base.
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Consider getting a diamond stone or two, for in between file sessions. Filing should be for initial setting of the bevel and touching up bad damage. The stones will keep the edge sharp without removing lots of material, prolonging the life of your ski. Check out the maintenance videos at Skis have changed a lot, so has tuning.
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Thanks for the info. I will follow the advise . Oh yeah the website "slideright " doesn't seem to have anything about sking .The first thing that leaped out was " erectile dysfunction" and a few other related topics.. Are you sure you posted the correct web site ?  Its my skis I want to work properly not ...well ... you know...
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For the type of skiing that you describe which is similar to what I do, I use a 1 degree collar on my 10" mill bastard file for my base edge and a 89 degree file holder for the side edge.
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Once every year or two have your skis tuned in a shop.  They'll stone grind the bases and grind the edges to true angles.  Usually 1° base angle and 88° (a.k.a. 2°) side edge angles are very good.  Go to 87° (3°) on the sides if you want improved ice grip.

Now, get both a fine stone and a file that fits your gizmo.  Use the stone on the bottom edges to remove any high spots after you hit a rock.  Use the stone on the sides to do the same thing.  If you need to sharpen the edges, stone the high spots on the sides first, then file just until sharp, then smooth with the stone.  Stone the bottoms also to remove any metal the file pushes over.  File with care...when the edges are gone, your skis become tomato stakes.  (Often the metal pushed up by a rock hit is so hard that it'll dull the file...stone first.)
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