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Different boots for deep powder?

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I'm curious if some of you use different boots for those rare epic powder days, say 18+ inches. If yes, what're the different characteristics between those and your everyday boots?
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I don't use anything different unless I'm in my backcountry setup.

I think you'll find that there are probably some people who are fairly serious racers who MIGHT have a race boot and an "everyday" boot.  For those of us who ONLY have everyday boots, it's one pair does everything.

God help us if we ever reach the point where skiers have to have multiple-boot quivers.  It's bad enough with skis.
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In that kind of snow I usually buckle mine a little looser. Since I will not be doing any hard carving, it is not needed, plus you end up pitching forward and back a little more, so it gives you a softer cushioning on the front of the cuffs. In addition, since your feet are literally under the snow all day, a looser fit means better circulation and hopefully warmer feet.
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I'm in the process of getting a second pair of boot for powder and steep terrain. I have a softer flexing boot that is my everyday boot. I ski a lot of bumps, park and jumps so I like a softer boot. But, in crud, steeps and powder I want a stiffer boot.
Skiing bumps and park are so much different than race type skiing or skiing steeps it's almost silly to think one boot can perform equally well at all things.
Of course you can perform well with one pair just like you can ski powder on a race ski but it won't be optimal.

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 I have adjustable flex boots but normally leave them the same for everything unless it get SUPER cold then I make them softer so they are stay near 130ish flex.
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I ski the same alpine boot for everything, but I've gone from being a primarily hard snow/racer with super stiff Lange Tiis to being a primarily soft snow/powderjunkie with Dalbello KPs with the softer tongue. I think it's largely personal preference - I know some pretty good powder guys who still ski plugs. I just don't see the need for a stiff boot and the instant response in deep snow.
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I can see needing a stiffer boot for high speed groomer runs and a softer boot for off piste and trees, but I have enough trouble getting ONE set of boots that fits right.  The thought of finding a second pair......
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