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Need Help....Badly

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I don't want to go into long detail, but I learned to ski about 10 years ago at 64. Was terrible as a beginner. Then had a breakthrough after reading Lito's book. Kept on taking lessons and then had a another breakthrough after reading one of Ollie Larson's articles on the benefits on counter-rotation. Now I haven't had a lesson for about 4 years and have skied only a little during that time. But I have always learned through reading and felt I was doing great. There I was swishing to and fro down the mountain like a pro and disdaining all those other intermediates who looked just like that--intermediate. By now the counter rotation had become such an integral part of my skiing that I don't think I can do w/o it. This year we (wifey and I) went away to 4 different areas here in the east. Feeling fine and quite superior to my fellow skiers until I had a look at myself. UGH!!! First my wife took a still picture of me -- I couldn't believe how terrible I looked: stiff. Then an instructor took a video (everyone should have frequent videos taken) -- even more terrive: stiff, unbending, very little flexibility. Now I am downcast! So where do I go from here? How do I integrate tje counter-rotation into some better skiing. I can't imagine doing w/o it; it's as natural to me now as walking. I'm hoping that instruction from now on can help, but I fear that it might not be along the lines I want (maybe I'm expecting too much). Anyway, perhaps I can get a hint or two from you assembled practical theorists.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello OBN--and welcome to EpicSki!

What are the chances of posting a few of those stills or, even better, a short clip of the video of your skiing? That would be the best way for us to give you some specific ideas relevant to your skiing. If you're not sure how to do it, just ask!

Counter-rotation refers to a steering/twisting movement that involves your upper body. While modern techniques do result in a typically SLIGHTLY countered (i.e. body facing slightly toward the outside of the turn, inside ski and inside half of the body slightly leading the outside half), true counter-rotation is an extremely limited way of turning your skis. It is a quick way to thrust your skis into a skid, but you cannot sustain it for smooth, continuous, precise steering throughout the turn.

Furthermore, excessive countering locks your knees, forcing you to try to control your edge angles mostly with your hips ("hip angulation")--hardly a subtle movement, hardly a precise way to fine-tune this critical activity! And excessive countering actually inhibits the alternative that would help you--steering your skis with only your legs. When you are highly countered, you "use up" the rotation available in your hip sockets, so you can't steer your legs even if you want to.

That article by Olle Larsson (like so many "ski tips" in the big magazines) has caused enormous problems for many skiers and instructors, by making them excessively countered.

Again, welcome to EpicSki, OBN! This is an issue we've discussed at length before--search the archives for "independent leg steering," "rotary," or "counter-rotation," for starters. You've come to the right place!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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