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Progressor 8+ too short for me?

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I'm considering getting back into skiing after demoing a pair of 170cm Progressor 8+.  I am 6' 2", 210lbs and ski exclusively in the east.  By the charts, apparently I'm supposed to run a 180cm ski, but the 170 progressors felt great.  That may be due to my being accustomed to old, cheap, and too short Elans.  Is it advisable for someone my weight to move up to the Progressor 9+ in a 175 or 180 since the 8+ tops out at 170?
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 Well, I am 6'1" 200 lb and the 180cm Progressor 9+ felt perfect to me.  I previously had a pair of 175cm RX-9 and they felt a teeny bit too short for my tastes.  I happen to be selling a new pair of Progressors if you're interested:


Now, if the 170cm 8+ really did feel good, maybe you need to factor that in.  I think they would be too short, and probably not enough ski for someone your size, assuming expert level, but I don't know much about your skiing or ability level.  The 9+ is definitely a much better ski though.
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It would help to know what level skier you are and what area of the country you will be skiing.  The 9+ would be a good choice for an advanced to expert skier in the East, but a bit too much for an intermediate.  The 8+ is a bit less demanding and more versatile.  For out west, something wider would be a better choice.
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I ski exclusively at a small place in central new york at the moment, and have no plans for any skiing out west.  I'm not entirely sure what skill level I am.  I imagine a bit better than intermediate.  I'm twenty years old, and still on some old Elan Integra something or other skis from a few years ago that are really holding me back.  So I have too little experience with good skis to be certain what length I should be on.  I did notice that while demoing the 8+, it took a run or two to become used turning with more ski ahead of me.  I definitely liked the feeling of having more ski once I got the feel for it.  In fact, trying those Progressors after running a beat old beginners ski was probably the best feeling in the world.  The extra weight gave me a huge confidence boost, but they managed to be far superior at turning as well.  I guess that's what a decent ski will get you.    I will try to demo some 175 Progressor 9+, but I don't think I have access to 180s.

By the way, Skier219, that looks like a good deal and I would jump on it if, 1.  I had the money in my account instead of on my meager, yet to be cashed lift attendant paycheck and 2. If I knew that 180 is right for me.  Will that pair be relisted if they don't sell?
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There are a lot of good skis out there and you might want to demo a bit before deciding. Based on your comments, the 8+ in 170 should be fine, if you are set on the ski. The 9+ in 180 sounds like it might be a bit too much for you right now based on your descriptions of where and how you ski. Keep in mind that a lot of people here who reccomend such specs are at a very high level and ski at very high speeds.

I have the 8+ in 170 and it is a relatively stiff ski, even without metal. It is certainly more substantial than the RX8 I have been on for three season. Unless you are going to be really pushing it up to race speeds, you shouldn't have a whole lot of problems with stability, even at your weight. I am 6'2" and 190 and have yet to find any situations where stability has became an issue. The 8+ will also be a bit easier to manage in the bumps and sketchy snow conditions.
Unless you are in a hurry, though, and are set on the Progressor line, you might want to demo a number of skis before making a purchase decision. Most of last years deals on the Progressor line are gone so you will have trouble finding the skis cheap right now.
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I consider myself around an intermediate level because I haven't had much instruction but I ski pretty aggresively. I will ski any terrain and prefer quite high speeds.
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I would demo. Whatever anyone says here cannot replace your own feelings and experience.

WIth that being said, skiing aggressivley and using the sidecut of the ski as the primary means to ski aggressively are two different things,  I am not saying this as a judgement, as I am certainly far from highly efficient in this regards. I am just giving my opinion that the 9+ is better suited for the use of clean eding technique. Just from my own demo of the 9 in 175, what I can say is that the 9+ does not tolerate soft edging or mistakes nearly as well as the 8+.  The 9+ in 180 is going to be even more of a handful to utilize if you don't use the edges efficiently, even at your weight. It will not tolerate too many stance errors.  I would definately demo the 9+ in 180 before you buy it. I am saying this only because you stated you are used to old and short Elan's.
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I definitely understand where you are coming from.  I have only recently begun to make a conscious effort to improve my carving.  I don't want to overestimate my ability because I am certainly not a highly experienced skier.  I just found out today that I can't demo the 9+.    However, I kind of get the feeling that the sizing guides and people who ski according to them can't all be wrong.  Maybe I should just go with the 9+ in 180 and adapt to my correct length instead of the short ski I am used to.
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Well, good luck with whatever you get.  As I said, you need to rely on your own impressions. Too bad you can't demo. The only thing I would consider when taking advice here is that some people who may suggest a ski are perhaps ex-racers and are comng from a perspective where any ski under 180 is considered too short. You need to weigh stuff like this when buying a ski simply on advice here. IMO, of course.  
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Thank you for the advice.  I think I'll spend my time worrying what length I would do best with and wishing I could demo. 
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So I figured I should just stop agonizing over skis and take a chance.  I went over to the mountain to buy the progressor 9+ in 175.  Because I was serious about buy, they let me take them out for a while.  I have to say that the descriptions of them here is pretty accurate.  They are a much more demanding ski.  However, I didn't find them particularly hard to skid with.  I would definitely not want them longer that 175, and I bought them right there.  Now I'll throw some wax on them and run them hard. 
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