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Ski boot flex rating question?

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I need some new downhill boots, and I'm looking for either a 110 or 120 flex. I understand that some boot brands run stiffer than others. Could you please tell me which brands run stiffer and which ones softer, for a given flex rating? Thanks.

Kevin (for real)
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some of it depends on the side cuff rivets I think.  Langes, for me, always flex stiff.  I have problems moving a 110.

salomons flex soft.  no problem on a 130.

this is another great reason to see a good, local bootfitter and try some on.

Also, even in the same brand, 110's might not be 100% the same, and boots with the same flex, are VERY different shapes.
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Thanks mntlion.

I'd heard that Langes flex stiffer, but I didn't know that it was due to the anatomical hinge, which I like alot. I'm just trying to narrow down which brands I want to look at, to help me figure out which shop to go to.
Does anyone know if Technica and Nordica are also known for running stiff? I've heard that Rossignols run a bit softer by comparison. I'm also interested in Atomic. Another consideration might be the type of plastic. Does polyurethane stiffen up in cold more than polyether?

Any help?
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find a store that does lots of boot fitting, and get fit based on fit (width/volume) and then deal with flex later.  It is much easier to make a stiff boot softer then the other way.

fit is key, flex is 2nd
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Thanks again, mntlion

I haven't mentioned yet, I am:
218 lbs.
5' 10"
level 8
ski mostly on-piste
would like to become more competent
in New England glades
I ski on Rossi 9.9 Viper (1998) skis w/ a 62 mm waist
when the snow is good I demo something wider

I hadn't considered the above option for softening up a stiff boot. I have a pair of Nordica Dobermans from 2001 that fit me perfectly, with just a custom footbed. The box was marked 'soft 120', but they seem quite stiff. They were great for cruising & carving, but they were such an ordeal to get in and out of that I've abandoned them to our tool shed for the past 4 years. Is there a way to make them easier to enter and exit, and perhaps soften them up a bit?

I've gone back to my Rossi Mountain Viper (1993) boots, which are great except that they are from the old Caber mold, which are too wide for my doberman (95 mm) foot. They have qiute a bit of extra layers of foam in them and the buckles are tightened all the way down at this point. The Rossi is much easier to get in and out of and the shells flex just right  for me.

I'm thinking I can try one of three things:
1) Get some Intuition liners for the Rossignols
2) Get a ski boot fitting wizard to make the Dobermans work
3) Buy new boots

Does anyone have any other suggestions? Which of these possibilities sounds most viable?
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2, 3, 1
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Thanks so much. you've been very helpful.

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Hi mntlion

I talked to a couple of shops, and the solution I've decided on is this: I removed the two plug screws from the back of each of the Dobermans, and I'll keep them on for a half an hour in the lodge after skiing, before I try to get out of them. Without the screws, my heels are able to get seated further back in the heel pocket more easily. A funny thing though . . . the box said Soft - 120, but the boot shells themselves have stickers that say they flex at 150. No matter I guess. I've used them well with the screws in. I'm hoping that I can use them in moguls w/o the screws. I covered the holes with duct tape. The boots didn't come with a more formal cover.

Thanks for directing me toward advice from bootfiters. It really helped me figure out what to do.

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