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Western NY Snow?

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Here's a quick question for the WNY locals...

We've had almost no snow so far this year in the Niagara-West area in Ontario.  This sucks because my 2.5 year old asks every day when he can go skiing with his 60cm strap on skis he got from Santa (he's only been able to use them once so far).  I'm thinking of heading down the 219 with the skis and some sleds tomorrow, because it's not looking good anytime soon here.  Any ideas on how far south I'd have to go to get to some good snow, and where a gentle toboggan/ski hill for a 2.5 year old might be?

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There is plenty of snow south of Buffalo. I was at a race at Kissing Bridge on Thursday and the snow was great. I haven't been down to Ellicottville yet this season, but I imagine it is even better down there. If you're just looking for a good place to slide, try Chestnut Ridge Park in Orchard Park (just south of Buffalo off the 219). That is a nice place to XC ski and sled. If you park in the "Casino" lot you should have access to a nice lodge and be right at the hill where the toboggan chutes are... although I don't think the toboggan chutes are open anymore...
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Thanks for the advice.  We went to Chestnut Park Hill today and had a lot of fun.  The main hills we're a little too crazy for my 2.5 year old to ski on, but we brought a sled and had a blast.  As well, he got to try out his skis a little on some of the hills on the side area.  

That lodge was a nice touch too.  We'll be back.
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