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Managed to lose my keys and Hertz didn't have spares... it was a glorious 24 hour incovenience caused by my own stupidity:)
Sucks, actually this beats my Utah GTG key problem.
My car was just parked near Snowbird's Cliff Lodge for Tuesday's GTG and the ignition switch jammed. I could move the key in &
out but it would not turn. I said later & went skiing.  At 2pm with another reason to go to the car I rounded up Snowbird security
and called Alamo Roadside assistance. Both the security guy & I could not get the car to work. Alamo said I needed another car.
Their return phone call did not come thru  I could not return the call. Now pissed at wasting an hour of ski time, I quick did 2 tram runs.

At end of day I could not reach Alamo on Old Boot's phone so I headed to car. 5 minutes before reaching the car Snowbird
sacurity called my cell to say A flatbed towtruck with a 2nd Chevy Cobalt was next to my car. They dropped the new car and
hauled the dead one away.  This cost me nothing but cost Alamo big bucks.
Cirquerider helped me move stuff between cars.