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Hot Tub Help

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I recently bought a condo that came with an indoor hot tub. All of the door and window hardware in the hot tub room was rusted. NO big deal the condo was 20 years old so on my next trip I stopped by Home Depot and bought all new stuff. We did not use the tub but the condo was rented a time or two over the next few  months. When we came back the "new" hardware was rusted. I've looked on hot tub site for advice and found none. I called a hot tub supplier and he suggested galvanized or solid brass. Galvanized looks like gate hardware and Brass is about 5 times more expensive than normal indoor hardware and does not match anything else in the condo. Surely there is a simple solution that I'm missing. HELP!
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Steve; that is like hardware in a boat I bet. Takes a lot of moisture. It's got to be solid brass, like a boat.

Replace it three more times........

Usually that is an area condo builders skimp on, though compared to overall cost of materials, it makes no sense. all nice homes have solid brass anyhow, hot tub or not.

Check online suppliers of hardware, just like ski gear, best prices. and home depot has a designer version of the store around here.

you can buy solid brass in many finishes, including dk brown and black patinas. Or, harder option, you can strip it yourself, heat it, and patina it with a product that will turn it very dark. nice. It would be a ton of work for the whole house, but one room is manageable.
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Thanks, I figured that was the right solution but I hoped someone would have a simple idea like WD40.
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Steve, the chlorine used to disinfect the spa is very corrosive.  I suspect the root cause of your problem is a lack of ventilation, but stainless steel hardware is almost essential in areas exposed to high moisture and sodium hypochlorite fumes.
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