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Head race plate . Is that a step design and anyone know the stand height ?

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I am looking at the vist made head plate that comes on the 2010 race skis . Anyone know if that plat is a step design and what is the stand height? vist makes the Duo step in a 18mm toe / 14mm heel .
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Think you'll find that's a Tyrolia Raceplate RDX plate on the Head skis, unless they changed between '09 and '10. Which seems highly unlikely given that Head/Tyrolia is the same company. In which case its definitely not a step design, and the plate height is 14.5mm.
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Anyone try the new vist step concept to see if it works ? It makes little sense to me other than lowering the ramp angle
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Head deliveres all their skis w/o plates mounted so there are no plates "on them".

Its the first time I hear about the step system. Whent over to vist and checked it out. The toe pc is higher than the tail pc. Without knowing any better I would say this is not something that most racers want. Its also not the ramp angle it changes. Its the delta angle. The ramp angle is the angle your foot is in the boot.

On the vist page there is a comment that by raising the toe ps skiing becomes easier. Im not so sure about that.

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Real race plates (coming with racing service skis) are same height for heel and toe. Bindings on the other side have different height (at least it's so for Tyrolia/Fischer/Head bindings), where toe height is 11mm and heel is 16mm (with Fischer Z20, Z18 and Z16 bindings, which I think match to Tyrolia/Head Pro 20 X RD, Pro 18 X RD and Pro 16 X RD). But to be honest, I have no idea about consumer plates and bindings.
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The Tyrolia race bindings have always had a very big delta angle. Toe pc much lower than the heel pc. I have had to raice it quite a lot to get to cero, the way I used to ski before.
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So on a modern ski would 14mm be better than going 18mm of lift . I can order the vist duo step plates 18mm or the shop has offered to sell me a pair of the 08 head 14mm race plates .
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You need to ask yourself some questions....

1) do you know what delta works best for you?
2) what bindings are you planning to mount?
3) will the step plate help you achieve your desired delta with your chosen binding?

None of us can answer question 1 for you. Some people like zero, some people like 7mm and most people don't know or care and have bindings with a delta somewhere in between. Some people might even like a reverse delta. And its all relative to the ramp angle of you bootboard, just to add another parameter to the mix.

There's a minor trend towards zero delta bindings (FKS180/Pivot18, Dukes, Jesters, Marker Comp bindings) but most bindings do have a delta, Looks PXs and Tyrolia race bindings being in the upper range. A step plate will bring these closer to neutral, but it will push a low/zero delta binding into reverse (really gas-pedalling!)

If you buy a flat plate and feel you want to lower the delta you can always shim the toe. If you use a step plate and want to increase the delta, you're stuck. I wouldn't go with the step plate unless I was absolutely convinced I needed the step (I bet the Vist plates cost more than the Heads too).
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Both plates are about the same price . I notice when I ski the marker WC piston plate , I am more in balance overall but with the vist 18mm across the board , I can drive the skies better - makes no sense to me . The vist full on plate is just too stiff for mortals . I have just ordered the vist 18mm toe 14mm heel DUO plate as they gave me 20% off which makes it about the same price as the full  on head race plate .
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