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Not wanting to hijack other Mojo review threads, so here goes:

Me: 6'2", 195lbs., age 54 and an X-semi pro GSer. Bindings: Railflex 14HD on the factory line

In a word these skis are FUN, across the board a delight to ski on.

I just put in 5 days at Vail where conditions were powdery, we arrived after a 30" week.

My first impression from the first turns were that these skis require little input from a GSers standpoint, just roll your knees and find the line. Nice long turns if you prefer, or take them into the trees where the somewhat tapered tail flex lends themselves to fearless shots. Champagne Glade had the goods for a true test of my nerve and their easy demeanor.

I ran these up into the 50-60 MPH range with no concern or shortcomings, they have no speed limit, though I knew a 3* bevel would make for better hardpack confidence if you are super G'ing. These are quiet skis!

On the third day I took a solid tip shot on a uphill edge, the ski fended that shot off well, but I knew I would be ridding myself of the factory tune that night. While the factory tune was okay on the skied-off bump faces, I wanted better, glad I did.
The Mojos responded with a nicer turn entry and exit with much improved edge hold on the firmer snow, but it didn't change the demeanor of the ski.

The short of it is this, a great all-mountain board that doesn't ski long, and has the goods to ski all day and you'll have something left for the 4PM Riva Ridge valley plunge. Just stand on them and make round turns if you have to, to get home.

Try 'um, you'll like 'um!

PS I was using new Langes as well, it took me longer to dial into those than the boards, 3 days.

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