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Just got these from Corndog. I love them - skied them last night!! BUT...local store had a set of the new Hot Doggers which are flex-wise the same (2010 - Red Ostrich Leather), and the inner-steeze in me couldn't resist. Red boots ROCK.    Impulse buying doesn't... 

They have the #6 tongues (medium), Intuition liners (I did not heat fit them), BSL is 310, but fits about the same length-wise as my 27.0/316 Dalbello Kryp Pros (different boots for sure - don't expect them to ski the same). The only thing I wasn't impressed by - the power strap seemed a little short, and there's a little fraying where the velcro parts meet. They seem pretty much new otherwise (minus about 2-3 days use), and all the fitting parts are included. Unless Corndog baked them, I don't know that they have been, since my new ones have the ridges from the tongue in them too. I will say this - Intuition liners are the warmest things out there - bar none.

I'm going to ask a few bucks more than I got them for - just cuz I've had my ass handed to me on the shipping on all the jackets I've sent out lately, and need to get a little back, so I'm going to ask for buyer to pay shipping, and I'll ship either UPS or USPS - however you like.


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