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Bought all new gear...remorse on bindings...opinions??

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Ok I got sick of using my Volant Super S, and decided to buy all new tonight.

I got a set of Rossignol Scratch FS 181's (2007) twin tips (249.00), a pair of Nordica Sportmachine 8 boots(179.00), and a pair of.........Marker m1100 bindings (clearanced down to 39.00 from 129.00). The bindings seem not to be great after reading reviews tonight. They will be mounted by the morning and I doubt there is any stopping them. So a few questions come to mind. How bad are the M1100's and the "Pre release" I am more an all mountain guy, but I like to hit a few things in the park, hence getting the twins. From reading on them landing switch might cause them to release ALOT. I ski backwards alot as well when I am with my kids. Anyone have any experience with these "things". Does anyone know of any bindings with the same screw patterns that will not require redrilling that I could buy to replace them? Thanks
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Just looked at what bindings I have on my Volant. They are Marker M8.1, I am not sure if these would be any better or have the same pattern. Any help would be appreciated.
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There's always endless talk of Marker and pre-releases. Might as well start a helmet thread.
I don't much about the binding. Does the toe have the upward release? That would presumably be a problem landing switch. You'll just have to wait....
You got a lot of stuff for not much money there!
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For 39 bucks, I would explore the bindings by making some hard maneuvers at a lively speed on a groomed run with nothing and nobody down hill for about 40 metres.  My daughter  hasn't noticed any problems with her Markers, but she doesn't ski switch, or lalnd too many jumps, or hit the park. 

If you somehow get way back on the tails at high speed after landing a jump on a steep, upward toe release might not be such a good thing, so I guess you will have to not do that.
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M1100 Free Binding: looking for another binding with the same hole bolt pattern.

I had these mounted on a set of 2007 Scratch skis and after a day of using them I'm not thoroughly impressed with them. They seem to easily release with a fairly light amount of flex. I have not seen much on these bindings, but maybe someone else has. I will post a few pics below. If anyone knows what would use the same pattern it would be appreciated. Not saying I am giving up yet, they were set to 9 DIN, maybe I'll crank them down a little more, but they only go to 11 and I don't want to max them out.

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Ryan, the tendency for certain Marker bindings to pre-release is very dependent on the type of skiing you do and your technique.  Markers are designed to allow an upward release, and the binding has relatively little elasticity, so they release when the skier is in the back seat and the ski is subjected to a shock load.  Many people ski them with no problem at all, and similar binding mechanisms are included on many Volkl and Nordica system skis.  I'd say, give it a shot and see if they work for you.  Keep the settings within 2 of your designated DIN based on height, weight, age and boot-size.  IT IS ESSENTIAL that the forward pressure be set correctly.   There are a lot of very strong opinions, and its fairly easy to be mis-led. 

My complaint about Marker 1100 bindings is the flex they allow between the boot and ski  Its a sloppy connection IMO.  As to your question above, the only bindings that have the identical hole pattern, I think are other Marker bindings.  You might send a PM to Whiteroom who could say for sure.
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Skipping the tech talk which is pertinent, I'll say it this way: My kids and I have come out of Marker bindings so many times we just don't use them anymore. 

Why take the chance? Just get a decent binding.
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I want another set, but I hate to redrill a brand new ski that has been out 2 times! Maybe the Marker Comp 14.0 Free, or the Marker Jester Freestyle have the same pattern and be better suited? I know I could get them remounted with a look or Rossi binding, but it's just the drilling...

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Take them out and try them. If you want something else, you're only out 40 plus mounting.
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 I prefer bindings with upwards release at the toe. You might also. Keep using them and find out. I'd rather put new holes in the ski than reuse old ones. Don.t worry about extra holes, just plug the old ones well, they will not cause any problems.

Do your old Markers work OK for you?

Can anyone answer, does his old Markers have the same feature? 
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I have taken them out, my binding is allergic to my boot. They have no interest in "sticking together"! I don't care about the cost of the bindings. I am sure I can get that back off selling them anyways. I just hate to keep drilling out a new set of skis.

Cirquerider, thanks I PM'd Whiteroom and will wait for his reply.
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come to think of it the other markers don't really have this issue. I think I am more aggressive on the Rossignols though. I'll look into the upwards release. I guess I don't really plan to mount a 3rd set, so as much as it pains me to keep making swiss cheese out of a new pair, I guess I could put a 2nd set on. lol

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Hi Ryan, I've been away at a trade show for the last few days and just saw this-

The 'issue' you are experiencing is due to the heel of the binding... well it's due to a couple things, but the heel is a big part. Marker uses a much more sophisticated heel on the the 1200 and 1400 or 12.0 and 14.0 etc., bindings. Marker is notorious for having very little boot to binding contact which amplify what the Vermont Ski Safety Research calls the "Houdini Effect" and the "Jet Effect".

Personally, if I was having a problem with the binding I wouldn't hesitate  to re-drill it for a different binding. No harm will be caused to the ski and some might be saved to your person. If you wish to stick with Marker, then there are a few generations of hole patterns, any newer 'comp-style' binding will drop into the current holes. The Jester/ Griffon have a different pattern and Duke/ Barons have another different pattern. Your 8.1 is probably slightly different from the 1100 free... the difference would be the 2 screws farthest back on the heel. Newer Markers have holes 'outside' the heel piece and closer to the front of the ski, older Markers have 2 screws inside the metal track and very far back, behind the heel. 

Hope this helps a little.
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