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April skiing and Solitude

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I need some advice....
I'm looking at adding an April trip this year. The weekend after Easter is a no-go for Taos and Easter is a no-go for my church choir husband. So I looked at SLC. I'm not interested in PLC-besides, our one experience with April skiing at The Canyons was ice in the am and water rushing down the hill in the afternoon. I realize Solitude may not be much better. There is no listed activities on the calendar after Easter at Solitude, but, when I called the Inn, I was told that they expected the season to go to 4/11 or 4/18.
Any thoughts? I was trying to minimize flight time from Helltown...
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I've heard The Canyons is a pretty early melt even for PC. And that the Cottonwood Canyon resorts are all quite good for spring skiing.

http://webpages.charter.net/tcrocker818/fam_ski.htm has some ratings for Spring vs Christmas for the big resorts. The Cottonwood resorts are all 4's and 5's (on a 5 pt scale).

I think you should be good.
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 With the lower than normal snow pack this year, I think April is going to be pretty dicey unless the amount of snow we get picks up quite a bit. Strictly from eyeballing the base, I'd have to say that this is one of the lowest snow years in the past 10. If possible, I'd wait as long as you can before booking the trip.
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