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Yesterday I had the pleasure of going to see Mike to get fit for some new ski boots. Living in the Atlanta area doesn't present many options for ski equipment or people that really know what they are talking about, so I decided to make a trip to see Mike.  He was the closest certified boot fitter and WELL worth the 3.5 hour drive each way.

Mike was EXTREMELY friendly, accommodating, and most importantly knows what he is talking about and a master of his craft!!! Mike told me all about the ins and outs of the ski boot business including many things that most people don't know, how boots are made, differences between boots, different features....needless to say, very very informative. 

The process was a breeze and took about an hour and a half for the boot fitting and custom footbeds.  I ended up with the Nordica Speedmachine 110's and couldn't be any happier with my new boots and the way they fit.  I can't wait to try them out in 10 days out west!

Anyone in the southeast, I highly recommend going to see Mike.  You will not be disappointed.

Thanks again Mike!