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Mt Snow

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Well, I returned to Mt Snow after not skiing there for 9 years (jobs, family, etc). It is a mountain that I grew up skiing as I lived a short distance away. I really remembered so many fond things about the mountain. The day was awesome from a conditions standpoint although cold.
But the thing that just really struck me was that this mountain is no longer the same mountain I remember skiing for 25 years prior.
The place just seemed "unfriendly" and much more hurried than I ever remember it. Lift attentendants did their job but they never spoke to anyone while they where gettting on the chair (as they used to many years ago). Skiers and Snowboarders seemed much ruder and careless on trails. I even had people just cut in front of me while I was waiting in line on a few chairs. What topped off the day was the women at the end of the day in her very large SUV (filled with children) swearing like a drunken sailor at a man and his 2 small children because they where not loading their car fast enough for her liking. It was an absolute zoo.

Not sure what has happened but it sure does not extend a welcoming feeling like the areas in NH and Maine do......It is to bad as I used to love that place.
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JONG soccer moms from Long Island all drive leased Lincoln Navigators or Cadillac Escalades. (Begin speaking as one such neighbor)  If you saw any of those, it's us, sorry. Oh, and we all have Garmin 5000's, so it's real easy to find the nearest terrain parks.  Just let us know which table is ours in the base lodge so we can save it all day long for the kids' hot chocolate breaks. They'll probably need to do some texting too, to find out if they have any homework.  See you on Friday!   


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