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Alpsman, Blizzard seems to like to change its names in the maximally confusing way. Try this link: I think the G-Force you compare to the Supersonic is the Supersonic. It would be a great ski for an advanced skier, and fine for an advancing skier who was athletic. The G-Power will be a bit more demanding, very different feel. I have only skied the Supersonic/G-Force, and I found it excellent in normal bumps, lithe and quick to pivot or carve, you pick. Maybe a bit too lively if the bumps had been hard. The G-Force Pro, incidentally, is also said to be a nice ski for intermediates through advanced. Suggest visiting Real Skiers for some realistic reviews. Have a hunch the G-Power will work nicely in bumps as long as your technique is there. Neither would be my call for trees (too narrow and too stiff), unless you mean trees two weeks after the storm when the bumps and ruts are rock hard. In which case, why be in the trees?