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Blizzard 2010-2011 G-Power

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Some exotic ski technology coming next season:

Blizzard is upping the "number-of-moving-parts-in-a-ski" ante with its 2010-2011 "IQ-Power Full Suspension" lineup with three new skis using the carbon-fibre I-beam/fluid dampener system.  While not a true "full suspension" ski (see Anton Gliders for that)...there is an I-beam of carbon fibre/composite running from either end of the ski to the fluid dampener underfoot...said to increase responsiveness, yet damp vibrations and increase control.  I wonder how often we should change the oil on these.....

German Product Link:


(Google Translation to Ingrish:)





(Google translation to Ingrish:)


- RaceCarver: Blizzard R-Power FS IQ

- Skier Cross: Blizzard G-Power FS IQ

- All Mountain: Blizzard M-Power FS IQ-MAX

Retailing at about €1050.

My partner has a pair for testing...poor-quality spy photos below:
Hopefully we can get an on-snow review out of him ASAP.




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This seems like a much more thorough implementation of Marker's Piston system.  It'd be awesome if they would eventually introduce a model with separate, user-serviceable dampers for the forebody and the tail, and maybe even alternate fixation points.  Imagine the tuning potential!

(Come to think of it, Volkl's PowerSwitch is exactly like adding preload to suspension.)
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 I skied these at Mount Snow two days ago. Yes, they are very smooth w/o loosing the responsiveness. I skied both the 7.2 and 8.7 versions, the pictured 6.8 won't be making the trip to this side of the pond. Are they better than their traditional counterparts? Yes, but I am not sure if they are enough better to warrant the price and weight penalty. The jury is still out for me until I can get more time on them (maybe today). 
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My partner Tom skied on the 7.2s yesterday...some preliminary comments and more pics:


I need to talk to the Blizzard guys to get the real info on these..specifically the carbon rail and what is was designed to do. It is the most silky, smooth, powerful ski I have been on. Just quiet and powerful.
Skied it on 5" of fresh on top of bullet proof groomed bullshit hard pack..with the frozen cord underneath. 17 degrees out with a stiff 20 MPH wind....wicked cold! The ski just did it all and I was totally confident at warp speed with the changeable surface. Just an absolute delight to be on. I forget how much I love that skinny waist. Specs: 123 / 72 / 105
15.5 radius.
The suspension thing is so effective. Quiet and powerful. Just lay it over and it goes. Push it harder and it just comes around. Lots of latent energy. I really enjoyed it and hope these images are better. The batteries in my camera kept trying to die cuz of the cold. Will write more in depth @ exotic after I talk to the Blizzard boys.


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 In the states these are going to be "M Power", not "G Power". 
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These look awesome!

I'm hoping this new Blizzard line will allow me to cop a good price on a set of this years Supersonics or Sonics end of season.

Exciting to see ski technology continue to stretch the envelope, but if these are >1000 Eruo we're taking $2K for Joe skier. That's a lot of scratch for some of us.
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In the US there is a G-Power at 72mm under foot and an M-Power at 87mm under foot.
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Originally Posted by band of brothers View Post

In the US there is a G-Power at 72mm under foot and an M-Power at 87mm under foot.

You are probably right, I skied both over the past few days and noticed the M Power on the 8.7, didn't notice that it was a G on the 7.2, my bad. 
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The above descriptions are very accurate. I skied both versions Monday and Tuesday @ Winter Park and they were the stars of the show. The conditions were very firm and chalky and the extremities of the ski felt like they were stuck to the snow. I also skied two a Vist, a Stockli and two Kastles on those conditions and the Blizzis won the day both for me and also the other Jim. The US price is going to be in the range of $1200 w/bindings.

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Originally Posted by SierraJim View Post

The above descriptions are very accurate. I skied both versions Monday and Tuesday @ Winter Park and they were the stars of the show. The conditions were very firm and chalky and the extremities of the ski felt like they were stuck to the snow. I also skied two a Vist, a Stockli and two Kastles on those conditions and the Blizzis won the day both for me and also the other Jim. The US price is going to be in the range of $1200 w/bindings.


Cool. I also skied them at WP (along with the non M-power version) and preferred the latter.  For a lighter skier such as myself, they added quite a bit of weight, stiffened up the ski significantly, but didn't give me much in return: the ski was a little too stiff actually.  Got my a** handed to me on the bump classic Outhouse on the 8.7 M-Power, whereas I was able to keep up with the zipper line on the bit softer skis.  My favorite Blizzis of the demo were the standard Supersonic IQ and the SLR IQ.  8.7 was solid (if not a little stiff) and the G-Power Supersonic and M-Power 8.7 were both overly stiff.  They held like glue on hard snow, but where it counts on MJ (firm bumps) they were less than stellar under me.
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So!!.........You were skiing bumps on MJ..........no wonder I didn't see ya.........

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I was skiing with dawg and have to agree that the M-Power was a fairly stiff ski for the underfoot width.  It had great edge grip underfoot, but I didn't feel like it was as silky smooth as the Stocklis I've ridden - it was definitely damp though with a good amount of power.  I also ran them down Outhouse and had one of my better mogul runs of the day on them surprisingly.  Right after these Blizzis I got on the Nordica Helldiver and now those were REALLY stiff for such a wide ski and they were like a bucking bronco heading down Outhouse.  They were a little bit grippier on the groomers than the M-Power, but I felt the M-Power was a much more user friendly ski even with the added weight (which surprisingly I didn't really feel when skiing them).

I also owned a few pairs of Marker piston bindings so I guess the idea is similar, but to the extreme with the piston directly integrated into the ski and having greater effect along more of the length of the ski.  I still think a well designed ski will ski similarly, but this system gives the Blizzard ski designers the ability to separate some of the key aspects in the construction.  It will be interesting to see where this design goes in the next few years.  Will it catch on and be the new thing or will it die off as a fad kind of gimmick thing.
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 Noodler I was anxious to hear what you had to say about this ski.  Your assessment doesn't surprise me.
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Jed and my rep have been talking these skis up to me for 2 months and I couldn't wait to get on them. While the Mag 8.7 has been one of my favorite skis over the past 2 seasons I didn't want to come into these with any preconceived thoughts. Blizzard (along with a few other manufactures) has a pre demo at Mt. Snow before the Stratton show. Since Blizzard has been one of our better selling brands this season, they were my first stop. I worked my way up the line going from the 7.4 to 7.6 to 8.1 to 8.7 and finally the 8.7 M Power. I wanted to ski the skis in that order particularly the 8.7 prior to the M Power. One of the things I like about the IQ binding system was its simplicity and light weight compared to most other "systems". The M Power changed that for me, the 8.7 is a great ski, light, lively and powerful. The M-Power added weight and while the ski was somewhat more attached to the snow at speeds, it was sluggish at slow speeds, something the 8.7 is not. This was my thoughts after 2 runs on the ski.

I went and revisited the M-Power (along with the G_Power at Stratton) after testing boots with my base boot testing ski of a Magnum 8.1. I skied the 8.1 for most of the morning in various boots and ended up on my own on the 8.1. From the 8.1 I switched to a couple more runs on the 8.7 M-Power. It is a fine ski, but I think that they "Volkl-ized" the 8.7, I just cannot see this ski being $300.00 more than the regular 8.7, the leader in that HP frontside fat carver segment. 

Now the G-Power, I really think the G-Power's dimensions are more applicable for this technology. I had much more fun on the G than the M..I guess it hit my G-spot 
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OK, you Blizz experts! Great reports and very useful to all of us. I love my 09 Supersonics but want to add the Sonic in a 167 and can't find it. Q: is the Sonic of 09 called something different in the '10 line?
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looking at the pics and descriptions, this "system" reminds me of a mix between the Atomic Double Decker mixed with the old school salomon power pulsion from 10 years ago on the "ski side" of things.  The hydraulic fluid is interesting, but I feel like i have seen it before somewhere else.
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I'm relighting the G-Power fire.


I skied these today at LL where the conditions went from hard to bulletproof in places.  I skied these after about 2 hours of other assorted skis that just could not hold an edge anymore given the deteriorating conditions in the afternoon.  Got on the G-Power and all I can say is WOW.  The Volkl AC30 also held well, but I had ridden that one in the morning.  Most of the afternoon was a slippin'-n-slidin' affair until I got on the G-Power and was blown away by how well they sliced and diced the ice and never got bucked around by the remaining mounds of snow that were one the top layer of about 2" of new that we had in the morning.


The G-Power rivals just about any other ski I've ever ridden in hard conditions (including my Stocklis).  I just can't think of enough good things to say about this ski.  Maybe the best compliment I can given them is that they're going on my buy list.  This from a guy with way too many skis already.


BTW - I loved all the other Blizzard skis I rode today too, but this was definitely a stand-out ski for me since I value edge hold above just about every other ski characteristic.  Next weekend I plan on getting on some of the non-Full Suspension models to see how they directly compare.


I really want Blizzard to fill the "hole" in the Full Suspension line-up between the G-Power and the M-Power.  They need something around 80mm underfoot with this tech. 

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Hi Noodler, I'm very interested in this ski.  Would you say they're particularly quick and energetic?  How would you rate them for shorter turns?  Also how much do you weigh and what length were you on?  Their turning radius seems to be between between slalom and GS.


Sorry to ask so many questions.  Just trying to figure out if I should be demoing the G Power FS or the G Force Supersonic. ('m light and prefer a shorter radius)



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I'm 175 lbs. at 5' 7" (and solid wink.gif).


I rode the 174cm G-Power because the reps don't have the 167cm in their fleet. I would have preferred the 167cm for an SL-oriented ski.  I don't like long skinny skis - I like short skinny skis and long fat skis.


I felt that the G-Power was quick edge-to-edge (is there a 72mm ski that wouldn't be?) and had tons of energy in the rebound.  The 174cm has a 15.5m radius, but it felt tighter than that.  The tip cut and tail cut suggest a ski that has a fairly aggressive turn radius.  The 167cm comes in at 14.5m sidecut so it wouldn't be a super tight SL ski, but probably could be coaxed into great short and medium radius turns.


I have never ridden the Supersonic.  I did however ride up the chair with a Blizzard rep who told me that they're basically identical skis except that the G-Power has the FS and the power booster.  He felt that the Supersonic is a bit more versatile (easier to handle), but that the G-Power has the best edge grip of any ski available and has more power to spare.


I think you really need to try to get on both to make an informed decision.  Demoing is always the right answer to what ski should I buy.  So do everything you can to try and get some test rides on the sticks.


If it weren't for demo days I may have never given the Blizzard skis a second look.  That would have been a major mistake.

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Thanks, extremely helpful info.  At 147 lbs and 5'6", and preferring shorter radius, I'll definitely look for the 167.  If possible I'll demo both but that may be a tall order.  I demoed the Supersonic last spring and loved it (even in spring snow, not its strongest suit).  Would have just bought it this fall if the the G Power hadn't come out.

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I may get on both this coming weekend and I'll try to pass along some additional observations. 

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Hi Noodler,

Did you get the chance to try both and get more observations. I am thinking of buying either the Supersonic or the G force. Thanks

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If you value total confidence inspiring edge hold - the ability to lay 'em over with no fear that they're NOT going to be there for you then I would say go for the G-Power.  I agree with Phil that this tech works very well for a narrower/smaller ski where you don't really feel the additional weight (in fact I like it for a more stable feel).  The FS tech makes the 8.7 a real handful (the M-Power) whereas the lack of it on the Supersonic was really obvious to me and made that ski feel like a toy compared to the G-Power.  I really liked the more grippy glued onto the snow feel of the G-Power over the Supersonic.  The G-Power is also significantly damper feeling (but with plenty of power and pop).  I like that damper ride like my full wood core Stocklis.  These Blizzards with the FS tech have a different on-snow feel than the rest of their line-up - much more velvety smooth. 

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Originally Posted by Noodler View Post

If you value total confidence inspiring edge hold - the ability to lay 'em over with no fear that they're going to be there for you then I would say go for the G-Power.

Ooh. I think I need to try those side-by-side with my Supersonics (which are no slouches in that department, but are occasionally more lively than I would like at speed).

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I work part time at a performance rental ski shop and the Blizzard G-power FS 7.2 is by far the best edge hold/carving ski in the shop's entire fleet.

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Anyone out there looking for a pair of the 8.7 G-Force?  I have a few pair collecting dust in the shop; will give you a great price....this is a great ski, but almost nobody out there has heard of it. 

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Thanks for the comments. Just another question. Do you think the G-Power would go ok for the occasional mogul run or in the forest? Or would it be too stiff to enjoy it ? Thanks

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For moguls I've always been of the opinion that it is much more about the indian than the arrow.  So can "I" take the G-Power through moguls and enjoy them?  Most definitely.  Can alpsman?  I have no idea. wink.gif


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Thanks for all your comments! I'll think about what the indian can do! :). I am an advanced skier but not expert and am looking for a ski which will give me the chance to improve further.

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alpsman - start a new thread (if you haven't already) and let the resident experts help you find what you're looking for.  I can't say that the G-Power is a forgiving ski and that it really the best product out there to help someone advance their skiing. 

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