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So I'm looking for a plug boot and I'm in a Lange non-plug racing boot right now that I've been skiing in for years.  I'm 18 now and I've been racing for the majority of my life and I'm sick of the sluggish feel and clunky fit that these boots come with.  

I've found good deals on 09 lange plugs and 10 rossi plugs, but I can't seem to find anything anywhere about either one of these boots.  Does anyone have experience with either of these?  Are they good boots?  (I know that's a vague question, but like I said I haven't found any reactions from anyone about them.)  Am I better off biting the bullet and forking over the extra cash for a pair of Dobies?  I've also heard that the rossi/langes have given people problems as far as high instep.  Any input on this?

Thanks guys