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2010-11 Kastle RX SL

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 While I have owned SL skis over the past few years (Blizzard Mag SL, Hart Javelin SL and Rossi WC SL), I have never skied them for a couple of runs over a couple of days before departing with them. I could see the new Kastle RX SL being different. 

Year: 2010-11
Make: Kastle
Model: RX SL
Sizes: 156, 11.5M TR and 166, 13M TR
Dimensions: 121/68/100
Binding: Kastle/Marker KTi plate

As with other Kastles, this ski is also very special and like the others a huge performance window. Epic posted a picture of a Porsche Carrera GT, and it is very applicable, a car that can be driven by most accomplished drivers but in the hands of a true racer, it will perform amazing feats. While I had a blast laying out perfect railroad tracks, I am sure a true racer will get the most out of these magnificent skis. I look forward to spending more time on these to expand my ability and will wait for replies from some racers to post in here after they get on the Kastle RX SL. 
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 Can't wait to try it. I've still got Omeglass 64s and RD SLs, but you can't have too many slalom skis I always say.
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 There was more I wanted to post, but this is a family forum. 
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That is one "shapely" ski (121/68/101). Hubba hubba. Phil is it OK to use the words "shapely" or "hubba hubba" on a "family forum" ? I fu#@*^g hope so. 
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Has anyone seen the the changes made either graphically or structurally to the mx  series for 2011? 
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Originally Posted by shoptech View Post

Has anyone seen the the changes made either graphically or structurally to the mx  series for 2011? 
Yes, changes are pretty subtle, a little cleaner. The MX98 is a new ski, there is a thread talking about the changes there, it is a small MX108 now instead of a big Mx88 . There is a 128 added to the line.

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I got a few runs on these, and they reminded me of a Head iSL RD in terms of feel. Very solid, stable, and damp. Not the most energy out of a slalom ski I have been on.  The Blizzi SLR IQ was more suited to me as a freeski, and a bit more forgiving. The RX SL was very stiff in the bumps, while the SLR IQ was more suitable (still stiff though) and I felt that I could commit on icy snow to the SLR IQ a bit more, whereas I was tentative on the RX SL, perhaps because it is very stiff and I wasn't really bending it up as I should have been
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 I like the RD SL much better than the Blizzi, so that sounds great to me!
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When do you want to loan them to me?
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Can you put up a pic.  thx
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